Achieve Better Facial Balance with Chin & Cheek Contouring

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Chin & Cheek Contouring NaplesThe chin plays a crucial role in facial proportions affecting, for example, the apparent projection of the nose and the definition of the jaw-neck line. A disproportionately small or retrusive chin can make a large nose look even larger, a neckline look blunt, or a chin look weak. Contouring the chin appropriately can dramatically enhance one’s profile.

The two types of aesthetic chin contouring procedures are mentoplasty and genioplasty. Mentoplasty is surgery to reduce a chin which is too prominent and causes the rest of the facial features to appear too small. Genioplasty is an augmentation procedure using implants to make a receding chin look more prominent. A receding chin can make a normal nose look too large, especially in profile, and can make the neck appear fat.

Many people who could benefit from chin contouring never realize it, because they never see themselves in profile. Chin augmentation can strengthen the appearance of a receding chin by increasing its projection. Simultaneously, it can create better harmony between the chin and other facial features for a more balanced profile.

Both men and women choose chin contouring procedures for various reasons. As with any procedure, the best candidates are healthy with no underlying medical problems. A cosmetic surgeon can help you decide if chin contouring is right for you.

Genioplasty involves an incision, usually inside the mouth, through which the surgeon creates a pocket for the implant. The implant is then inserted and positioned and the incision is typically closed with dissolving sutures. Recovery time is relatively short, usually about a week.

The incision for mentoplasty may be made in the mouth or under the chin. The surgeon will reshape the bone and restructure the underlying muscle tissue. If the incision is made under the chin there may be minimal scarring. Recovery time for mentoplasty may be slightly longer than for genioplasty.

Similarly, in some cases the cheekbones maybe augmented, to help with facial balance as well, by placing an implant over them. Cheek implants look and feel natural. This is usually performed through an incision inside the mouth, but it may be done also through a lower eyelid incision.

There is minimal recovery time for chin and cheek contouring procedures. After a chin or cheek augmentation, you will most likely be up and about the same day as surgery and back to normal daily routines withing a week or so. A soft diet is required for a few days after surgery to help in proper healing. The moderate discomfort felt following the procedures can be controlled with medication.

In most cases, both of these procedures are done for aesthetic reasons and are not likely covered under standard medical insurance policies. Insurance coverage depends on the procedure purpose. Chin contouring that is done to improve personal appearance is not usually covered by insurance. If the procedure is performed as a reconstructive procedure after trauma, genetic deformity, or orthognathic surgery may be covered by insurance.

If you are considering aesthetic chin contouring, you should consult a cosmetic surgeon with experience in these procedures for more information. Chin and cheek contouring provide immediate and effective results. For more information about chin and cheek implants and other cosmetic facial plastic surgery please call Casey Oral & Facial Surgical Arts at 239-947-6637 to schedule a consultation today!

Dr. Gregory M. Casey
Dr. Casey is board certified by the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and is fellowship trained in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He received his DDS from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, and his MD from the University of Health Sciences School of Medicine. Dr. Casey has privileges in Facial Plastic Surgery at Physician’s Regional Medical Center in Naples, FL.


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