A Better Body in 20 Minutes Per Week

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Better BodyConcept 10 10 is the exercise revolution. Serious, scientifically based and only about results!

The Exercise Revolution of the Century
The pace of life today may be fast and hectic, but the best way to improve fitness is to take things slowly; this is the basic behind Concept 10 10, the exercise revolution of the century.

While traditional forms of exercise rely on puffing and sweating and bending and jolting, Concept 10 10’s personal and private training is completely different. For just 20 minutes of exquisitely slow workout per week, the benefits come quickly and add up to better health, increased strength and less fat.

A New Approach to Fitness
This new approach to fitness arrived in Naples a year and a half ago, after years of success in Europe and its message is simple: exercise doesn’t need to be laborious and time consuming.

The revolutionary Concept 10 10 technique works on selected muscle groups in slow, precise bursts. Its aim is to bring total fatigue to these fibres, which sends out a cascade of chemical signals that stimulate muscle growth, burn fat and increase strength.

Benefits From This Technique
Meanwhile, the muscle’s ability to draw oxygen from the blood effectively improves the cardiovascular condition for all-round fitness. Other benefits from the technique include stronger bones, and an end to most back pain and better flexibility.

How It Works
Each exercise requires a mere 90 – 150 seconds to perform a single set of three to six repetitions. A total of six high-intensity exercise sets is simply all a body needs before every muscle has fatigued and switched to rebuilding mode, which is the process that brings about all the benefits.

Because Concept 10 10 is so efficient, there is no need to warm up as the body does so immediately in the first couple of repetitions after a cold start.

Environment is important to a successful workout and Concept 10 10 has revolutionised how this is done. Each session is brief, intense and highly effective because it is performed alongside a qualified personal instructor, who gives one-on-one attention throughout the visit.

In fact, privacy and freedom from distractions are two of the key elements in a Concept 10 10 workout, and the only person observing the client should be the instructor.

Increased Muscle Supercharges the Body to Burn Fat
While jogging and aerobics can bring about health benefits, they are wasteful and can lead to injury. Concept 10 10, however, is completely safe and totally efficient. It builds more muscle than any other exercise, and does so far faster. The result of this is that increased muscle supercharges the body to burn more fat while resting.

An extra 2.5 pounds of lean muscle, for example, burns about 10,000 extra calories a month just by sitting around, and this is the equivalent of doing 25 aerobic workouts each month without visiting the studio.

And, unlike aerobics, Concept 10 10 doesn’t put traumatic pressure and wear onto joints and tendons and cuts the chances of painful injuries through exercise to almost zero.

Transforming the Way People Approach Fitness
Concept 10 10 is set to transform the way people approach fitness. With an investment of just 20 minutes per week, Concept 10 10 fits perfectly in line with modern lifestyles and the paybacks include better health, increased energy and a more rewarding lifestyle.

Free Introductory Session
For more information, testimonials, videos, etc., go to www.concept1010.com. Or, call for a free introductory session: 239.431.7143.

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