14 hours ago

    Floaters, Flashes of Light May Signal Serious Retinal Conditions

    Our bodies change throughout the course of life. Changes in eyesight are common, especially as we grow older. Many people…
    14 hours ago

    Check Kids’ Feet Before School Starts

    Back to school season is getting underway, and one Cape Coral foot and ankle surgeon has some advice for area…
    15 hours ago

    Healthcare Integration: Enhanced Communication Between Patients and Providers

    By Hilary A Sojdak, PMHNP CEO Over the past several years the delivery of healthcare has experienced a dis-integration of…
    15 hours ago

    IV Therapy for Dormant Viral Infections

    There are chronic infections and then those that are latent and lie dormant in the body for years, even throughout…
    15 hours ago

    Having Difficulty Getting to a Physical Therapist? Let us Treat You Virtually

    Telehealth, virtual office visits have become the new normal in patient care. Popular for years in urgent care due to…
    15 hours ago

    Tips For Living With Arthritis

    Anyone with osteoarthritis or who has a loved one with the disease knows that it can get progressively more painful…
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