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Inflammation: When the Truth Hurts

By Dr. Linell King

Inflammation: When the Truth HurtsMost of us have heard that diabetes, dementia, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, and many other chronic ailments are often linked to some modifiable lifestyle factors. Sometimes these diseases can be prevented altogether, and occasionally, (under certain circumstances) completely reversed.  Many unknowingly accept their diagnoses, blaming conditions on factors outside of their control, such as age, genetic predisposition, or environment. While this can be the unfortunate truth for some, many individuals have the opportunity to choose how they will spend their lives and their money; the option to redeem their health and reclaim their vitality.  If you could, and it was “easier,” would you choose chronic disease, mountains of medical debt, elaborate lists of medications, and an involuntarily sedentary life? Most would say no, but their actions often say otherwise. Understanding which changes will improve your quality and length of life is key, but taking action and maintaining those changes is essential to success.

Where to Begin? Take Action.
Scan your body…does it hurt? Is chronic pain and inflammation limiting your lifestyle, job, ability to enjoy activities?  How is your digestion…as efficient or comfortable as you would like? Inflammation can affect that, too. How is your sleep?   Do you wake feeling rested, energized, ready to take on the day? Is your mind clear and sharp, or foggy, fatigued; riddled with anxiety, depression?  Inflammation is not limited to muscles and joints, it can negatively impact multiple organs and body systems, compromising neurological function, digestion, mood, and hormone regulation.

These undesirable symptoms are the body’s red flags waving; an alarm system and opportunity; your body asking you to take time to find out what it needs, what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and why. More often than not, our body is begging for change.  A chance to heal can be seized when we listen to these uncomfortable clues.

Metabolic Syndrome – A Cry for Help
Metabolic syndrome is a specific group of symptoms, or indicators, which may affect up to one-third of all Americans. This syndrome includes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess fat around the midsection, and abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides.

In this situation, a person is on their way to developing type 2 diabetes; the vessels circulate high-glucose blood, which can damage the vasculature, greatly increasing the risk for heart disease and stroke.   Aggressive lifestyle changes are needed in this population, with potential to avoid or reduce more serious complications.

Inflammation and the Microbiome
Our immune system is essential, and should provide the ability to ward off most disease and infection. However, many are unaware that the health of the gut (or microbiome) is directly related to immune function. Nearly 80% of our immune system is housed within the gut.  If the gut lining is damaged, toxins, antigens, undigested food particles, and bacteria can leak through the intestinal lining and into the bloodstream. This can throw the immune system into overdrive, as it works to disarm the toxic substances in the blood. Many individuals diagnosed with an autoimmune disease are unaware that they have leaky gut syndrome.  Dietary and lifestyle changes aimed at repairing the gut and establishing a healthy microbiome have often alleviated or eliminated autoimmune disease symptoms.

Addressing inflammation by improving gut health, clearing chronic infections, and removing toxins can improve many disease states and disorders.  Optimizing and improving systemic function results in an increased ability to not just fight disease, but to express health. Find the root cause of what ails you through utilizing a whole-body, integrative approach.  Your body holds the clues, and naturally desires to heal and thrive. The choice to take action is up to you.

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Dr. Linell King
Dr. Linell King combines science, behavioral health, and spirituality to transform lives. He teaches and empowers others to take responsibility for their health.

Dr. King received his medical degree from the University Of Wisconsin School of Medicine and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins University and Sinai Hospital in 2000. Author of the award-winning book, Mastering Vitality, Dr. King utilizes a combination of traditional and alternative practices to reach optimal health.

Devastated by the effects of common, yet fatal disease within his own family, Dr. King knew that he had to learn and do more. His focus is to help others create and maintain greater overall health and less dependence on an outdated healthcare model.  He aims to uncover the real causes of health challenges, rather than merely managing symptoms. He sought further education in Functional and Integrative Medicine, to learn more about how nutrition, lifestyle, and treating the whole person can radically improve immediate and long term health and quality of life.

Naples Vitality: Optimal Healthcare
Don’t let your health be the reason you miss out on living your life to the fullest.

Join us in our mission to change healthcare as we know it. Getting older doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy with how you look in your clothes, more aches and pains, more disease, and more medications. It is possible to enjoy the life of your dreams by taking control over your own health.

Naples Vitality has helped thousands to regain their health and feel great again. Our physician-led team will take you by the hand and guide you through a simple journey to a life of vitality.  Grow healthier, not older.

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