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Florida Summers are HOT: Cycling Indoors Can Prevent Injury and Heat Stroke

June is National Safety Month, and while we take the time to consider all of the preventative ways to protect ourselves, examining how to exercise in these hot summer months safely is critical. Florida ranks the highest out of any other state for bicycle injuries and fatalities, with upwards of 110 bicycle-related deaths each year.

Along with injuries, we often overlook the adverse effects that these hot summer months have on our cardiovascular systems. With weather approaching the upper 90’s and on some days, triple digits, the heat can be unbearable at times and downright dangerous, this is particularly the case when we factor in the high level of humidity.

Heat Precautions
Our bodies self-regulate heat by sweating and also through radiating heat back into the atmosphere. When we sweat, we also perspire potassium and sodium. Both of these minerals help to control nerve function, water balance, and heart rhythm. When our bodies are hot, the skin radiates heat into the air to normalize our body temperature. However, when the air is sweltering, our bodies can no longer reduce its high temperature this way, as it has nowhere to radiate the heat into or to take in cooler air from, as the temperature is greater than your bodies.

Warm weather makes the heart pump faster, which requires more oxygen. When it’s hot, and we can’t cool down, or breathe efficiently, we complicate the heart’s normal functioning, by putting undue stress on its muscle contractions.

Excessive heat can cause dehydration; therefore, it’s critical to stay hydrated with cool water (not sugary drinks). If we become dehydrated, we increase our risk of our raising blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Ways to Stay Cool and Avoid Injury or Heat-Related Conditions
• Drink extra water!!!
• Be careful when exercising outdoors, check for traffic and uneven pathways
• DO NOT exercise in the heat
• Avoid the hottest times of the day (10:00 am to 4:00 pm)
• Stay in an air-conditioned room
• Avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks
• Exercise with CycleStation INDOORS!

In the air-conditioned studio at CycleStation in Ft. Myers, there’s no better way to get your adrenaline pumping than to amp the atmosphere up with LED lighting, energizing music and being surrounded by excited, stimulating people.

CycleStation is an indoor cycling studio that not only offers the latest and greatest in bikes, music, fitness experts, and commitment, but also in the investment, they make in you. Because of their dedication to helping you see results they offer different stages of workout levels from 45 minutes to 90-minute sessions. Depending on your intensity level, you can burn anywhere from 300 to 900 calories during your session.

While physical activity is an essential addition to making healthful changes as it boosts metabolism and increases weight-loss, many individuals don’t stay the course and commit to long-term exercise. The reason this happens to so many is because they get bored and there is no longer a motivating factor to keep them going. With CycleStation, clients are invigorated and love to work-out on a regular basis. The results are another top reason that people favor spin classes. When you see definition in your muscle tone and lose inches, it’s hard not to stay committed.

As you lose weight you lose and the more toned you become, the healthier you will begin to feel. You’ll have increased energy levels, and your ability to comply with working out will simply become a part of your natural routine.

At CycleStation you will pedal, sweat, and forget about the outside world. You’ll begin to see changes quickly and along with being healthier, you’ll look Amazing. The instructor will take you through different types of movements and paces, from sprints (essentially, pedaling super-fast) to jumps (standing up out of your seat) to everything in between, all without getting off the bike. “It’s your ride at your level.”

You can schedule your class online or just pop into the studio for a schedule. Bring your workout gear, sneaker or bike shoes, and you’ll be ready to speed up your metabolism, burn calories, increase muscle and endurance and have fun!

Your Body, Mind & Soul wants to be the healthiest you. Contact CycleStation today!

Myerlee Plaza
7050 Winkler Road, Suite 119, Fort Myers, FL 33919
SpinCrazy.com | (239) 989-9994

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