You’re Never Too Old TO Learn Something New

Adult & Community Education

You're Never Too Old TO Learn Something NewAs the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” but what’s even better is that it can also be fun and fulfilling. Embrace the fact that it is possible to learn something new every day! Are you wanting to learn something new and have fun while doing so? Have you ever wanted to play a guitar, make jewelry, or edit those family photos taken with your digital camera but don’t know how? Maybe you have lived an exciting life and want to share your experiences, or simply make a record of them for future generations.

The opportunities to learn something new are endless with the Adult & Community Education programs through Collier County Public Schools. There are numerous classes covering a wide range of topics that can help keep your mind and hands busy all year.

Below is a brief description of a few of the classes beginning in April. For a full list of class offerings please visit

This first course in beadweaving will enable you to create unique, beautiful jewelry and explore the possibilities of design in a fun class. You will learn different beading stitches and practice techniques while making your own jewelry. Material fee of $15 included in the course fee is nonrefundable and will provide a beading mat, fireline beading thread and needles for the whole course including supplies to make the first project. A list of additional supplies will be given out at the first class and discussed each week.

This course will provide you with an introduction to the Android operating system for tablet computers and show you how to utilize all of the wonderful applications (or apps) that are available for it. We’ll cover everything from unboxing your tablet and identifying the hardware and functions, to accessing the apps available and how they can assist you in everyday tasks. By the end of this course users will have a newfound knowledge into the Android world, and will be able to do more than just email and browse the internet on their tablets.

This class explores the various materials used to create sculptures, which include plaster, paper, and wire. Students learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools safely. Students create wall hangings, free-standing forms, jewelry and home decorating ideas using sculptural techniques. They consider volume, weight, color, form, and texture while creating contemporary pieces.

Have you led an exciting life? Do you enjoy sharing past experiences with others? Are you working on a book of memories for your family? This class will help you navigate through the islands of your memory as you learn to select and develop key events from your past, focus on the people and drama, incorporate description and create a story arc to maintain reader interest as you craft engaging life stories to share with friends, family, and other readers. In-class exercises are designed to help students explore elements of memoir writing with class time devoted to personal projects for feedback and guidance. Writers of all levels welcome.

There are three easy ways to register for classes: online, by mail, or onsite. Online: register at By mail: mail in registration using the envelope found in our course catalog or online at On-site: register and pay, by cash or check, in the classroom on the first day of class. For more information, contact the Adult & Community Education Office at (239) 377-1234.

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