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Yollo Wellness Center Fort Myers FloridaWendy Law is everything one would want in a Wellness Provider; she is direct, straightforward, extremely knowledgeable, approachable and demanding.  She has a definite presence and her passion for her work is visible in her.  Wendy, her husband Rodney, and their two daughters Amber and Paige are the owners of the YOLLO Wellness Center in Ft. Myers.  YOLLO, of course, is the short acronym for You Only Live LIFE Once, the Center’s mantra.  This is a serious healing center and they are educated and equipped to change your life.

YOLLO Wellness Center offers services to both support and accelerate recovery and maintain a high level of wellness. Their mission statement says that they “provide modalities of healing for the mind, body and spirit”.  The range of work that they offer moves the patient’s healing to a deeper, physical level.  All of the work they provide is performed with the highest quality FDA-approved equipment for the most precise results.

Wendy comes from a teaching background and has a Master of Science degree in Secondary Education, with her major in Physical Education.  She had just completed her Bachelor of Science degree, studying to be a coach and teacher when the car she was driving was hit head-on by a drunken drag-racer.  She suffered life threatening injuries with survival odds less than 2%.  Wendy had a large tear in her descending aorta, a ruptured spleen, the left side of her face had been shattered and the right side of her body broken into many pieces from her hip to her toes.  However, Wendy feels strongly that there was a spiritual component to her experience.  “The doctors did all that they could do,” she says, But I believe that the power of the Lord is just as Important.  God had another plan.”  There were three counties holding prayer vigils immediately following the accident.  After 19 surgeries she was mostly put back together. She had completed her education, became engaged and was married.  She even accomplished her “goal” of walking down the aisle with her father.

Wendy got somewhat better and tried to move on with her life.  She and Rodney had two wonderful healthy daughters. Her doctors, post-accident, had been definite that she would neither walk again nor bear children.  There is a strong fighting spirit in Wendy.

She sought help with her pain and movement issues in a variety of facilities, but nothing provided any real relief.  Doctors continually told her how lucky she was to be alive, as though her desire for a return to her level of wellness she enjoyed prior to the accident was an unreasonable request.  Their prognosis for her was not optimistic.  The doctors felt compelled to emphasize that Wendy’s physical condition was likely to decline and her current levels of pain might be the best she would ever feel.

She finally consulted with one of the original doctors that had saved her life and he sent her to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  At the Clinic she discovered that her red blood cells and her white cells were “unhappy”.  Her liver was mildly functioning and her joints, muscles and nerves were deteriorating.  This began the second phase of her healing process.  Her journey introduced her to the various therapies she now offers at YOLLO Wellness.  Many of the treatments have been known for decades but widely used.  The protocols were demanding but brought about a level of health that Wendy had not experienced since her accident.  This was not just about reducing her level of pain, although that was certainly a great relief, it was about healing on a deep physiological level including mental clarity and improved quality of living.

The Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) test is one of the services offered by YOLLO Wellness.  This is a painless, non-invasive scan that is frequently used as an adjunct to a mammogram.  It covers a larger area, including below the breasts, and also covers vascular and lymphatic activity which can be an indication of a developing pathology.  It is particularly useful as a visual view of the patient’s area of pain, identifying areas prior to them magnifying into bigger issues.  It uses thermal imaging and feels as if you are in a photoshoot. It takes approximately 15 minutes for the breast imaging and 30 minutes for the whole body.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the World as an aid in healing and recovery.  It is a process by which increased oxygen is diffused into blood, tissue, blood plasma and cerebral fluids.  It is also painless and non-invasive and it’s reported to decrease recovery time from by 33%.  The Law family became aware of the healing properties that HBOT offers when Wendy’s daughters were playing competitive soccer.  One of the girls had nerve damage in her leg and the other daughter was suffering from a concussion.  They used an HBOT unit for the injuries and were able to play again after three sessions.

YOLLO Wellness offers ALCAT (Antigen Leukocyte Antibody Test) – which is the gold-standard for checking an individual’s nutritional needs. This test is for food sensitivities and intolerances. ALCAT measures our body’s cellular response to foods, additives, colorings, mold, environmental chemicals and medication. This is significant in that it shows where a patient has chronic activation of their immune system due to food intolerances.  A plan designed to meet each individual’s food tolerances and food sensitivity issues can provide a major change in how the body feels and operates. Certified nutritionists Deb, Wendy and Amber specialize in individualizing a program just for you.

YOLLO also offers additional services including ImPact Concussion Test, micro-nutrient testing (vitamin, amino acid, and mineral profile test), PRP and Vitamin Rich Hyaluronic rejuvenation programs for the face.  Although the primary focus of these therapies has been to return to health and wellness, the healing applies to all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.  The combination of having your body function more efficiently and the absence of pain can provide a marked rejuvenation effect on an individual. Wendy states “It’s like baking the perfect pie: You can’t leave out key ingredients and expect it to come out perfect. One’s mind, body and spirit need Oxygen, Proper Vitamins, Proper Nutrition and peace in your life.

YOLLO Wellness has a strong support team. Wendy’s husband Rodney and youngest daughter Paige work in the community and surrounding areas educating physicians on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and proper nutrition and how they can be added as an adjunct to their in house protocols. Amber is her oldest daughter and her passion is in the field of psychology and enjoys intake and new consults. She holds her training certifications in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ImPact Concussion Testing, and Nutrition. Deb Re is Wendy’s counter balance. Some call them the Mutt and Jeff Show. Their energy working together is vibrant and synergetic. Deb and Wendy’s certifications and educational background  are in Nutrition, weight loss and weight gain, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Live Cell Analysis, ImPact Concussion Testing, PRP and Vitamin Facial Rejuvenation.

Marsha Newton is an avid volunteer. She is very passionate about sharing her testimonial on how she was able to get herself off several medications, heal and restore quality of life from the therapies offered at YOLLO Wellness. A medical director oversees all the protocols.

Wendy talks about the personal nature of her work and how it is not the path for everyone.  The majority of her work is not covered by any insurance and frequently, the protocol requires a commitment to change old behavior patterns and replace them with unfamiliar new ones.  This is often the most difficult part of the healing, but Wendy is adamant that her patients understand how crucial this is. Everyone must go through an initial consult to determine “IF” YOLLO Therapies are right for them.  The results produce such a profound change in wellness that her clients are astonished and thankful that their quality of life has been restored.

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