The Worlds Stage: An innovative participatory media project for a brighter future

Welcome to the (r)Evolution.

The Worlds Stage:There’s a revolution going on right now. But not a revolution of conflict, but instead a revolutionary revolution that is sparked by people from all around the world who have grown tired of business as usual and looking to create a way out.  People on all continents, in all nations have become aware of the sleight of hand they’ve been dealt and they want Da Vinci quantum changes in our systems that fairly represent the needs of ALL OF US.  A way out to efficiency, productivity—and exciting time for those who can grasp that our little, tiny devices that we hold in our hands and our portable devices just might help us to connect with other like-minded architects of a better future and enable a way out of this Industrial Age mess which keeps most of us enslaved by systems that serve only the few corporations whose money tries to keep us controlled and powerless.

The Worlds Stage International Arts and Media Festivals, Open Knowledge Cafe’s and Concerts for our Future: November 1-2, 7–9 and 14-16.  Please join us and our global partners as we empower positive solutions for a brighter future and better public health.

Global Integrated Collaboration: Unify and Prosper!
Not just talk:
Imagine collaboratively modeling an ideal integrated social or business structure, a cooperative and complimentary series of social enterprises showcasing the most ethical policies, initiatives and advanced technologies within its very DNA. This includes focus on equality, quality of life, personal growth, individuality, unconditional love, human rights, civil rights, transparency, privacy, accountability and open collaboration.

Yes, that’s right. An (r)evolution not just of technology, but of body, mind and spirit—a revolution that, in the hands of those who know how to create solutions, can transform everything that’s rotten to the core about our public health systems, our energy systems, overpriced education that keeps us enslaved and burdened by massive debt.

We’ve awoken to the cry of newborn baby who needs more than a chance to make it through this world—and thanks to those that we call the architects of the future, or quite simply “entrepreneurs of the future” these new systems are being created in the coffee shops, cafes, dorm rooms and offices of the compassionately excited and discontented entrepreneurs who see a better way.  For if we keep on going the way we are going we’re bound to add more debt, more uneducated people and a bigger divide between the haves and the have not’s.

Somewhere in some town or city in any part of the world is someone so discontented with a system that appears so bureaucratic potential 5that they’ve formed an alliance with others who feel the same way. And united in spirit, they’re creating a new business model that’s better and more efficient than those who preceded it.  They’re creating the future Google, Amazons, the connected mobile health company, a new way to distribute art, some sort of media network dedicated to advancing human potential.  And they’re not just doing it for the money. They’re doing it because they see its very need, that the public will be touched and inspired by its outcome—an outcome of efficiency over bureaucracy, an outcome that enables the experience to be enjoyable and productive.

What’s your solution? What’s your big idea?  And how can these ideas take shape and prosper without big investment? Where are these ideas coming from and how are they being made?

We are the future.

Just imagine a group of people committed to a better way of doing something.  They could be anywhere—and they are everywhere. You just might not see them until one day—VOILA! There they are! People are talking about them. People are utilizing their knowledge, their ideas, and their applications. And many of their inventions are already in your hands, in your cell phone and mobile devices.

Now that you know that the future is in your hands? What are you doing with it?

Join us at the Worlds Stage when these pioneers and architects of a brighter tomorrow showcase their amazing projects!

We spoke with one of the Coordinators of The Worlds Stage, Galvani

The Worlds Stage is a fascinating project. How did it come about?  
Galvani: We discovered several problems in the functionality of most conferences, seminars, expos and trade shows.  Many were geared up to be yearly events that in some cases, forced companies to time their product releases and announcements around the show dates.  I felt this was unfair to the companies as the companies felt the need to release their new products on their own time table.  It was one of the reasons that the largest trade show in the world—Comdex, was forced to close.  They lost touch with their audience.

So I kept asking myself “What would make the conference experience more productive?” and I came up with the answers.  First, to create an ongoing experience that didn’t stop when the show dates were over……Secondly, making it participatory so people could be involved on their own schedule, Third, by keeping the costs of production down and then passing it on to participants, free to attend with low costs for sponsors and virtual exhibitors and fifth, make it exciting by bringing in people with various perspectives from multiple sectors so people can find out about other areas and thought process.  And of course, giving everyone tremendous value.  I thought customer service was if key importance.

Why a Virtual Media Experience?
Galvani:   Simply, why not? After all, it was Leonardo Da Vinci who stated:”Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.”   Times have changed but the event experience stayed stagnant!  By bringing the very best people who were qualified to present a solution and engage people with ideas into action and turning it into a media experience, we transformed the event experience tremendously.

What are the benefits to those participants?
Galvani: Most events are uncomfortable to attend and in many cases, the thought of traveling by airplane is very uncomfortable for most people as the headaches of air travel have become overwhelming, not to mention the aggravation of traveling, hotels, the quality of food out of town, and the loss of momentum for current projects while a participant leaves town to attend a conference.  By making it a virtual media experience, and keeping the quality control in place, we satisfy the needs of the presenters as well as those participating in the audience…..and all of the presentations are archived for a continual experience of play back anytime they want to hear it.

And to the exhibiting companies and sponsors?
Oh, it’s the same as for those sitting at home or in their offices participating.  Companies can showcase their products and services on an ongoing basis, update their virtual exhibit booth in the Pavilion of Companies and stay involved with the experience.  For those looking for a regional audience, we have regional media partnerships that enable a regional audience.  And for those wanting an International audience—our International partnerships enable a well-targeted attendee profile, perfect for their promotional needs.

Why multiple sectors?
Galvani: Because most people are so fragmented in what they understand….they study reports and information about the sector they are in, but know literally nothing about the other sectors—and all sectors work with one another….so we felt it essential to bring them all together.  For example, education enables consciousness, sustainable development helps communities,   arts and media work well with culture, consciousness effects human rights and peace—they are all interconnected and work together. But few people understand this in their approach, and through this understanding, many of our existing problems can be solved—not by creating a short fix by putting a band aid over the wound, but instead, by preventing the wound from happening.

You talk about Evidence-Informed Open Knowledge. Could you expand on that?
Galvani: Evidence or scientific proof is required to understand the root cause of a problem or issue. By understanding the Evidence, the root cause, one can enable the solution. And in some cases, the solutions are much simpler than we think.  As for Open Knowledge, the concept is based on so much knowledge that has been held back or repressed for various reasons, some of the knowledge is held back for fear of an organizations losing their grip on a market, some of it is held back for other reasons.  We have transformed to a sharing economy and many organizations that understand how the sharing ecosystem works will benefit, not just for themselves, but for us all. The Worlds Stage platform and network is dedicated to that belief, and that Saving the World from Failed Sharing can actually transform our communities, cultures and societies as well as the world into a more peaceful, harmonious place.

When you look at nature, you realize it just works, it is total perfection. We can learn a lot from the natural world….especially by learning to be in balance with it.

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