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What You Need to Know About Relieving Endometriosis with Physical Therapy

By Lisa Johnson, PT, DPT, OCS, WCS, CSCS

What You Need to Know About Relieving Endometriosis with Physical TherapyEndometriosis causes significant pelvic discomfort, incessant cramping, and painful periods. The endometrium is a mucous membrane that lines the uterus. Each month the endometrial tissues and cells normally grow and shed within the uterus during the female reproductive years. When there is an overgrowth of the endometrial tissue, it begins to grow outside of the uterus onto the ovaries, fallopian tubes and abdomen. When this happens, it causes extreme pain for many women, due to its associated inflammation and tighteness, along with it’s continual process of shedding (as the uterine lining typically does during menses), even though it is outside of the uterus. Hormonal influences, hereditary factors, endometrial cell flow issues, and immune system disorders are all thought to be indicators of the overgrowth of endometrial tissue.

Symptoms of Endometriosis
. Abdominal and pelvic pain
. Painful periods
. Excessive bleeding
. Discomfort during sexual intercourse
. Infertility
. Fatigue
. Bloating
. Discomfort during bowel movements and urination

Adhesions (scar tissue) and Pain
Endometriosis can lead to adhesions, which are sticky bands of scar tissue that adhere and tighten within the abdominal cavity, affecting the organs and pelvic floor. Adhesions can cause a great deal of pain on a regular basis and become even more stretched and begin pulling at the organs during the menstrual cycle.

There are mediations and surgical options, but many women are looking for more natural treatments or alternative therapies as add-ons to relieve their symptoms.

Physical Therapy for Endometriosis
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a specialty that requires additional training for therapists. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy uses a multifactorial approach to relax and stretch the muscles, improving function of the pelvic area, bladder, and rectum. Physical Therapist, Lisa Johnson specializes in the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal pelvic region and digestive, urological, colorectal, and reproductive systems of both males and females alike. Lisa Johnson is an expert in the field of pelvic PT.

With endometriosis, tension from adhesions within the pelvic region, including the intestines, can pull and tug on the tissues. Physical Therapy treatment for endometriosis works by manually manipulating and stretching the pelvic tissues. Incorporating myofascial release techniques and teaching patients how to massage the abdomen and stretch the muscles around the pelvis helps to break up the adhesions and to significantly reduce pain. Visceral manipulation and mobilization assist in supporting proper internal organ function. When the pelvic floor is freed from any tension, it helps patients recover from a multitude of conditions. Lisa teaches her patients to incorporate some of these techniques into their home care to alleviate pain and to heal the body.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a Specialty That Requires Additional Training
Lisa Johnson, PT, DPT, OCS, WCS, CSCS
Dr. Lisa Johnson is a Board-Certified Women’s Health Specialist and Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist, extensively trained in the management of pelvic floor health. Practicing for over 25 years, Lisa Johnson is an expert in the field of Pelvic Physical Therapy. She can identify the possible generators of pelvic pain, refer to medical specialists for diagnostic testing and treatment, and develop a treatment plan specific to the patient suffering from digestive disorders, which typically includes manual therapy treatment of the pelvis, appropriate exercise, visceral release and both external and internal trigger point release vaginally and/or rectally. Dr. Johnson can determine the specific area of weakness and utilize various methods to retrain these muscles including the use of biofeedback and other internal and external methods.

Total Body Physical Therapy
Total Body Physical Therapy is a center designed around one singular philosophy: Treat the whole person to yield superior results. With this as our guiding principle, we are able to bring balance to your body, to your mind, and to your spirit. The therapists at Total Body Physical Therapy specialize in dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system and pelvic region, including the digestive, urological, colorectal, and reproductive systems of both males and females alike.

Whether you seek our services for the treatment of an injury, general ongoing wellness, or for finely tuned training programs, our philosophy ensures that you will exceed your own expectations and ultimately find Total Body wellness.

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