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Update on the Shrinking Man

By Bert Shubert, Certified Personal Trainer –

Shrinking ManProgressive Health Club holds a Lose to Win Contest every January. This year was our 6th annual contest. We had such good results, that a couple of our trainers are still running the program for new members. This is the same program that we run in January without the prizes. The best prize of all is your health.

The Lose to Win Program is an eight week weight loss program that is proven to work. This year’s winner, Carey Canady started in January at 300 pounds. He lost 31 pounds during the eight weeks of the contest. This wasn’t Carey first attempt at losing weight. He lost weight in the previous five contests only to gain his weight back in only a few months.

As Carey’s personal trainer, I suggested that he maintain his weight loss for 6-8 weeks before losing more weight. We watched the scale continuing the weekly weigh-ins. He went back and forth for several weeks before his weight stabilized at around 267.

Bad habits are hard to break and a diet requires a life style change. I know the experts don’t want to call it a diet any more but anyone involved in this life style change, knows for sure they are on a diet.

Carey is a very social person and goes out to eat often. There’s the all you can eat fish on Fridays, the wings and chili on Mondays and the prime rib on Thursdays. But small changes mean a lot. No more fried fish, he now eats it baked or broiled, and no cole slaw (too much sugar added). He cut out the potatoes and white starches and watches his carb intake everyday. You can still find Carey at his local hangouts but his plate is no longer filled with potatoes, white bread, or breaded meats.

Now after staying at 267 for 6-8 weeks, it’s back to the job of losing weight and getting to that ultimate goal of 220 pounds. As of June 12, 2012, Carey weighed-in at 247 pounds. He is excited about reaching his goal in the not so distant future.

For information on any of our tried and proven successful weight loss programs, call 743-8700 and ask for one of our Weight Loss Expert Personal Trainers.

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