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Zyoptix is a new laser eye treatment developed by Bauch & Lomb that can be used to correct visions problems such as astigmatism or people with near-sight or long-sight vision. Zyoptix actually takes Lasik surgery to a new dimension in terms of quality, as it will give you an excellent result for your vision, superior to classic Lasik surgery. Zyoptix involves an extra diagnostic (screening) process extensive enough to let the surgeon see every individual patient’s unique optical characteristics.

The diagnostic screening process to determine if Zyoptix is the best option for you helps the eye surgeon to better treat individual vision errors unique to each eye. The screening process involves state-of-the-art technology that collects data accurately detailing the structure of your cornea and a measurement of your entire optical system. This data is used to program the laser with your truly one-of-a-kind treatment. No two eyes, not even the two on your face, are the same and thus require individualized procedures.

You might be a good candidate for the Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction system if you:
• Have had stable vision for the past year
• Have healthy eyes, good general health and are not taking medication that affects the healing process
• Are age 21 or over
• Feel glasses/contact lenses are a nuisance

Not just better vision – a better quality of life.
The Zyoptix personalized laser vision correction system can do more than improve your vision; it can enhance your life. You’ll be able to play sports with greater ease. Enjoy social and athletic activities with greater confidence. All thanks to Zyoptix procedure.

Although Zyoptix and Lasik surgery are both based on the same technology, the difference is that Zyoptix technology looks at vision errors on an individual basis and therefore correction is more precise. The Zyoptix technology treatment allows surgeons to correct small details, which cannot be seen with Lasik.

Over 100,000 procedures….
The Zyoptix system has been used by eye doctors worldwide in over 100,000 procedures. The US clinical trial showed that six months after surgery, the vast majority of patients treated with the Zyoptix system achieved or reported the following:
• “Extreme” improvement in quality of vision
• Vision better than 20/20 without glasses
• Vision without glasses after surgery as good as, or even better than, with glasses before surgery
• No increase in unwanted glare, halos or night driving difficulty
• High satisfaction with their results
• They would choose the procedure again

With a track record like this, it’s no wonder your eye doctor feels confident choosing this remarkable system.

The Zyoptix procedure is designed to be virtually painless with minimum discomfort. The actual laser procedure itself can be performed in a matter of minutes.

You should be able to see better 1-2 hours after the treatment, but you’ll notice the dramatic difference when you wake up the next day. Most people get back to their normal routine quickly – even going back to work the next day. You may need to avoid contact sports and swimming for 2-3 weeks. Your eye doctor will advise you what is suitable for your individual needs.

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