‘Tis the Season to Stuff Ourselves!

By Sharon Chatham Sullivan, Clinic director,  New Beginnings hCG Clinics  Fort Myers and Bonita Springs –

Season to Stuff OurselvesThe holidays are here and that can be a dangerous time for someone trying to watch their weight.  We all have heard the standard strategies for keeping our weight under control during the season: have something to eat before going to a party. Drink water a half hour before a meal. Delay your wine or cocktail until after you’ve had something to eat. These all work to a certain extent, but every year, come January many people find they have gained 5 or 10 pounds during the holidays. Last year I even had someone tell me they gained 25 pounds!

Tis the season to stuff ourselves, not unlike the turkey we likely ate last week. The typical Thanksgiving meal is approximately 3500 to 4500 calories. Every office will have platters of cookies and candy that can put an inch on your thighs by just contemplating it. It doesn’t have to be this way.

I am the clinic director for the New Beginnings hCG weight loss program at Nova Medical of SWF, Inc. We follow the traditional hCG diet developed over 45 years ago by an endocrinologist, Dr. Simeon. I see people all the time that were on this diet years ago and are happy to find it again. We offer people a chance to radically change their relationship to food by eating clean and unprocessed food . Plain lean protein and large quantities of leafy vegetables and whole fruits are the basis of this diet.

The weight loss is quick and the fat loss is remarkable. Just look at the New Beginnings website and listen to the programs by Dr. Oz. regarding his research on this diet.

What we emphasize to our dieters at New Beginnings is following a long term maintenance program is essential to achieve permanent weight loss . We truly mean it when we say we want this to be “Your Last Diet.” I want to share one small part of this maintenance program because I think it can help you keep from gaining weight this holiday season.

This simple and easy strategy is the one that we who have achieved our ideal weight on the Simeon hCG protocol use. I don’t think people have to necessarily do our diet to use this weight management tool.

This tool is very simple and requires just one simple action. People are reticent to follow it as it goes against some conventional advice. The action is: Weigh yourself every day and write it down. Any day where you gain more than a couple of pounds you take action that day. You do not wait until the weekend or until Monday. Dr. Simeon recommended doing a one day protein fast ( the steak day) but you could just up your water intake to 50% of your body weight in ounces: (if you weight 150 you drink 75 oz. of water) , and load up on fresh whole fruit and salads with no fat for one day as well. Generally such immediate action will bring the weight back to its normal level the next day. It is impossible to manage your weight if you do not know what it is. So get out your scale, buy some batteries for it! If you don’t have a scale, then do it now.

Our mission at New Beginnings is to help people achieve a healthy weight where they look good, have high energy and do not have to spend the rest of their lives on an endless dieting merry-go-round.

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