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Time to Get Off of The Couch and Get In Shape!

By Peter Convard – General Manager

Core-Fit by Design is Open!


Get Off of The Couch and Get In ShapeYou can rest assured that our facility is clean and safe. We have added steps to our sanitation routine, far beyond what is required by the state of Florida because we’re committed to not only protecting you, but our staff as well.

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve been staying safe at home and maybe cooking, baking and eating more than you’ve been moving. No judgement here, it’s been a difficult time for many. We would love to welcome you back and introduce you to a new immune boosting and detoxifying treatment. Also, our Cryo-Slimming treatment is perfect for jump-starting your healthy journey.

Katherine (Kat) Milette is the Med Spa Director at CoreFit by Design and she is also an Esthetician, with over 16 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. Kat is passionate about helping people become the best versions of themselves.

Her journey began in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where she received the highest level of industry training, by first becoming certified in the holistic art of the Carita facial. She then went on to practice both clinical and holistic facial treatments and body envelopments. In 2016 she obtained her degree in Health Science, giving her the balance of science and nature. Come see Katherine for a CryoFacial, CryoSlimming or CryoToning treatment, via Cryo T-Shock®.

What is Cryo?

Cryo T-Shock
Cryo T-Shock is a state-of-the-art fat removal system that freezes fat deposits. This noninvasive treatment will freeze targeted fat cells for a defined, therapeutic length of time. This destroys the fat cells. Your body then proceeds to flush them away, leaving you with permanent slimming results, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can lose up to three inches of fat in just one treatment, and the toning and cellulite reduction can last for years.

CryoSlimming safely and effectively uses thermal shock to naturally eliminate adipose, or fat cells, without any damage to the skin. The Cryo T-Shock breaks down fat cells by starting the treatment with heat, then a prolonged period of cold, then heat again. This process lowers the temperature of the targeted fat cells between 12 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius, triggering a phenomenon called apoptosis. The body then flushes the fat cells out through the bloodstream, then through the lymphatic system in just a few days to a week following treatment. This is a safe, painless and non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

CryoSlimming can be used on your:
· Stomach and Hips
· Underarms
· Glutes
· Chin
· Back

CryoSlimming lasts for 28 minutes. The first four minutes of treatment requires heat on the designated area. Then Cryo T-Shock drops the temperature for 24 minutes, well below freezing to permanently get rid of fat cells.

CryoToning helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production while tightening muscles. Collagen and elastane production occurs when micro-circulation increases significantly from the thermal shock.

Cellulite is caused by uneven deposits of fat which are separated by collagen fibers. The Cryo T-Shock safely triggers the fluids that bind the fat cells together to crystalize. This crystallization destroys fat cells and fibers holding the deposits together softening the skin and creating a dimple-free appearance.

CryoToning can be used on your:
· Face
· Legs
· Arms
· Stomach

CoreFit By Design
CoreFit By Design is the most complete wellness center in Southwest Florida. We won’t just help you get in phenomenal shape; we’ll provide you with the necessary tools to live a healthy lifestyle while attaining the physique you’ve always desired! If you’re interested in cryotherapy, Cryo T-Shock, CryoSlimming, CryoToning or a training class, give us call!

Quarantine 15
Have you gained an extra 15 lbs.?
Our personal trainers are some of the best in the industry and are ready to work with you towards reaching your fitness goals!

Since you may have been spending more time at home, it is easier to gain unwanted weight due to the following:

Not Being as Active – Out of your usual fitness routine or just not engaging in as much physical activity

Snacking More – Sitting around watching extra amounts of TV usually goes hand in hand with eating more snacks

Less Motivated – With everything going on and all of the grim news on TV you may not feel like doing anything

CoreFit By Design is here to help!
Call us Today and schedule your Cryo-Slimming Treatment Package.

Only $78 per session for seven sessions.

Hurry—offer ends soon!

Learn more about Cryo-Slimming

CoreFit By Design Is UNIQUE

CoreFit By Design offers individuals and families a unique health and wellness opportunity by incorporating multifactorial methods to help you reach your weight loss, health and aesthetic goals. Our facility is unique in that there is no other training facility in Southwest Florida that has what we offer our clients all under one roof. If you want real results for your multiple health and wellness goals, you need the dedicated, experts at CoreFit by design.


CoreFit by Design
24830 S Tamiami Trail #3100
Bonita Springs, FL 34134


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