Time for the Truth

Time for the TruthWe are not talking about Hollywood Hypnosis Here, since the late 1800’s when you mention the word hypnosis, for many people it instantly brings to many people’s minds images of Svengali, the not so kind hypnotist in George duMaurier’s novel, who entranced Trilby’s mind and turned him into a great singer unable to perform without his Svengali’s help. To others it brings about images of thought control and mysticism, a shroud of secrecy and confusion, and yet for those who know the truth, they value a good hypnotist for their ability to use it as a tool to bring them to a state of certainty and clarity that is beyond amazing for enhancing self awareness and accountability for greater creation of a more fulfilling life.

Understanding how to help people become the best versions of themselves has been a passion of mine my entire life. It wasn’t until my abnormal psychology class at the university of Missouri that I was introduced to the minds powers on a whole new level. Learning that the body’s natural state is that of health and that our mind’s purpose is to protect us so that we can achieve all we want to in this life. However, because the mind is so complicated and it can create things based on perception of events instead of facts it can create habits that do the opposite of protect us. This is where hypnosis comes in to recreate the perceptions to helpful truths, healthy habits, and possibilities.

Despite some of the seemingly miraculous outcomes some people achieve using hypnosis I want to give you some facts to introduce you to the true benefits. A dedicated practitioner can use hypnosis to help with the following:
•    Anxiety & Panic attacks
•    Confidence Problems
•    Depression
•    Eating Problems and Weight Loss
•    Infertility
•    Insomnia
•    Fears & Phobias
•    Physical Pain or Discomfort
•    Sexual Problems
•    Addictions
•    Smoking
•    Sports Performance
•    Academic Performance
•    Business Success
•    Grief
•    Relapses
•    Relationships

Whether you realize it or not you have been hypnotized and that is why you believe what you do now. The accumulation of you past thoughts have created who you are today.  As a hypnocoach I like to think I am the mirror into you seeing what your mind is really believing. Have you ever been out to eat with someone and you went to the restroom looked in the mirror only to discover there was a big chuck of food that everyone could see for how long you wonder? They all saw it and nobody told you. The mirror was the only honest one for you to fix the problem and get your beautiful food free smile back.

Using this analogy, clients come to me because either they are not feeling themselves, they want to improve their life in some area and everything they are doing doesn’t seem to be working.  Using hypnosis, I help them uncover and see into their subconscious the blocks(stories, beliefs) that are impeding their progress. I enjoy going to work every day because the people that come in my door are never the same ones that leave.

I leave you with a question, each day you brush your teeth to keep them clean sometimes more than once because you understand the importance and yet your mind controls every part of you yet, when was the last time you did anything to clean it?  You will be pleasantly surprised at your new-found abilities after applying hypnosis.

The world is full of magic you just have to believe in it.

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