NOW is the THE Time for Fitness that Works!

By Jack Di Giacomo Sr. (A.K.A.) 6-Pack Jack

The holidays are upon us. Not only are your muscles in atrophy, they have become accustomed to the low impact they currently receive (for some this is as little as pushing the remote button), but you are now going to be consuming an excess amount of calories without any hope of balancing the caloric intake with exercise.

Here lies the problem. At the start of the New Year you will be all about the health and fitness changes you have been procrastinating on the past however many years you have vowed to commit to a healthy lifestyle. By waiting, you will have to work off the 15 extra pounds on top of the already stored fats before eating, drinking and being basically lazy.

Start now! Or as soon as you can to get your body some exercise. It will offset some of the calories you will consume during the holidays. It will build some muscle and start the neuro-muscular innervation process. If you wait till the New Year, it just becomes that much more difficult to achieve your goals. Learning how to properly change your habits and get fit isn’t easy, but an experienced personal trainer can put you leaps and bounds ahead of the pack.

NOW is the THE Time for Fitness that WorksWorking with Jack Hammer Fitness is one of the fastest, easiest and most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. People of all ages and fitness levels benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer to make lifestyle changes that may not have otherwise been possible.

Fitness is more than weight loss.
Being fit is about feeling better, having more energy, and being as active as you want. Being fit can leave you feeling like you’re in your twenties again. Above all, it’s about getting back to a healthier you.

When you think about being fit, you might only think about losing weight.  But it’s much more than that.

Being fit helps contribute to being a better parent, a better spouse, and a more productive community member.

In today’s society, one of the greatest challenges we all have to face is keeping a positive outlook on our lives. At an alarming rate, many adults are suffering from depression and self-esteem issues that stem from being overweight. They may not be aware of these issues and may not know that these issues can be passed on to their children.  Think of nature vs. nurture.

So what is the answer for this very serious disease that starts with being overweight, and if unchanged, develops quickly into full-blown obesity, high blood sugar, and Diabetes?

The answer is in your head. It’s in your attitude, your determination, and your willpower. The answer is in what we are eating, and when we eat it.

Do you want a better and more improved quality of life as you get older? Then start now. That way when it’s time to retire it will be more like a continuing vacation rather than a life of struggle.

Jack Hammer Fitness Training Philosophy
Personal Training is a commitment between you and your trainer to work toward your fitness goals with your individual needs in mind. At Jack Hammer Fitness, the Director will meet with you for a thorough initial interview that will provide information about your specific health issues,concerns, and physical limitations you may be dealing with. You are welcome to ask as many questions you may have during this initial meeting, or any other time during your training.

The second appointment you schedule will be for a Field Physical Fitness Assessment, at no cost, constructed from the information gathered in your initial interview. After completion of the physical assessment, Jack Hammer Fitness analyzes the data to project a fitness program outlined just for you, including the frequency per week and an educated estimate of the number of weeks needed to achieve your goals.

Each workout will last between 45 and 75 minutes. The variance is due to the amount of effort you put forth. We do not concentrate on weight loss,we seek to perfect your effort, form, posture, and breathing cadance.

Our motto is: Rome wasn’t built in a day, wasn’t remodeled in two, and the darn plumbing fixtures didn’t get installed until the weekend. Meaning, you didn’t reach your current low fitness level in one week, so don’t expect to correct it in ten days!

Once the projected fitness program is formed, we will discuss cost and payment plans. Keep in mind, there are no contracts that are signed, no enrollment fees, no automatic bank drafts, and no down payments. We only ask that you pay one week in advance by personal check, cash, or money order. This is why, at Jack Hammer Fitness, we say the focus is solely on you and all of the components of fitness to help you incorporate new lifestyle habits to enable you to obtain your desired fitness level.

Acknowledging that every single person’s health and fitness needs are different, Jack constructs a customized program that addresses individual particular challenges – health issues such as cardio (heart), pulmonary (breathing), blood Pressure (dizziness), flexibility (restricted range), diabetes (energy depletion), food consumption, time management, and much more!

Individual people require individual fitness plans.
How can a gym “One Size Fit’s All Program” yield the results you desire?
The answer is simple: It Doesn’t!

The fact is this – the largest percentage of gym memberships either become unused or canceled out right within a month or so. Generally, people with good intentions purchase gym memberships to help reach their New Year’s Resolution goals. Year in and year out, statistics show these same people often quit going to the gym by Valentines Day. So the good intentions often become meaningless.  BUT WHY??

The usual responses for someone not maintaining adequate health and fitness levels are:
. It wasn’t working for me in the past
. I’m just too tired when I get home
. I can’t afford it (especially a private instructor)
. I’ll make up for it TOMORROW
. I just don’t feel good, I can’t do that kind
of exercise
. It’s too late
. I get bored
. I have to do my hair
. I just don’t have the time
. My partner loves me just the way I am
. I like my cocktails!

Give Jack Hammer Fitness a call, our tried and true methods know how to overcome all of your excuses!  Call 561-951-1026!

Jack was awarded “Best Personal Trainer of the Year” because he gets results. His experience, knowledge, and realistic approach to helping you achieve your optimal fitness and health levels are superior to other programs available.

Jack has dedicated his life to fitness and helping others achieve their individual fitness and health goals. The benefits of working with Jack Hammer Fitness include: personal empowerment, decreased medications, im-
proved self confidence, increased energy, and improved athletic ability just to name a few.

Whatever your health needs and fitness goals are, Jack Hammer Fitness can help you become a better and healthier version of yourself all the while being safe and most importantly having fun!

Today, right now, you have the ability to take control of your own health. Real meaningful change takes work. It is not always easy to do the work necessary. That is where Jack makes a difference.

Call 561-951-1026!

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