Throw your “To-Do” List out the Window

To-Do ListWe live in a world that appears to thrive on speed and has little patience for activities that take time.   Think about the things that give you that stab of annoyance: cross-country airplane flight delayed 15 minute….yikes, supermarket check out line 2-deep…..eye roll, waiting for the traffic light in your comfortable air conditioned car……finger tap, microwave taking an extra 10 seconds to boil the water……heaven forbid.  In many circles, impatience is actually a virtue; somehow reflecting an aggressive, important, and forward moving persona!

And yet, we all know, many things in life take time to come to fruition, like relationships and the activities that go with them.   This is especially true when working with people in need.  Often the best solution to helping an individual is not the quick fix or the fast answer.  Relationships involve careful listening, a bent toward understanding, wisdom in uncovering key concerns, and a gentle word to calm another’s mind and spirit.  Regardless of age, slowing down the pace of our lives to truly help another can be one of our greatest gifts.

After many years providing senior caregiving, we’ve learned to listen more than to talk.  We recognize that if we are to truly advise seniors on the best solutions to their life transition challenges, we need to take time to understand BEFORE arriving at the best solution.  We at Amada are accustomed to throwing our “To Do” list out the window, and listening.

Amada aims to provide excellent assistance to seniors who want to “age in place” and maintain their independence.  Our licensed caregivers provide loving help to seniors who face a variety of challenges including: dementia, cancer, post-operative recuperation, or who simply need a little help periodically.   Amada takes a holistic approach to meet senior’s needs by providing private duty non-medical care, navigating the complexities of long-term care insurance activation, converting life insurance policies, veteran’s benefit claims, and more.  And we are a home health agency, so our caregivers are Amada employees, not contractors.  They are fully screened, licensed, insured and bonded; so you never have to worry about workman comp claims, taxes or additional liability insurance.

Please call us at: 239.963.1545, if we may be of service to you or your family.

We look forward to addressing your questions and helping you with our services. Please call us at: 239.963.1545.

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