There’s Pink and then there is KOMEN PINK

Komen PinkWe all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and has become “Pinktober.”  Companies put pink ribbons on their products or services and while some of these legitimately support efforts to fight breast cancer, not all do and you’re never quite sure how the money is used. That’s why it is important to know that any product that benefits Susan G. Komen states clearly on the package where the money goes and lets you know the minimum donation promised as part of the company’s commitment.

When you support events or products that benefit Komen, you know that 75% of the net proceeds will support local grants in our community to fund mammograms, education and treatment in Southwest Florida. The remaining 25% funds national research projects, allowing Susan G. Komen to be the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world. Komen has helped fund every major breakthrough in breast cancer research and treatments for the past 30 years and funds over 200% more in research grants each year than any other charity.

Support Susan G. Komen…
investing in our community

The Southwest Florida affiliate started in 2002 and in their first year, were very excited to be able to put $5000 back into our local community. Since 2002, we have put over $5.5 Million back into our local SWFL five county area. 75% of all our net proceeds stay here in Southwest Florida. This is how we are able to help the community, by funding education, mammograms and treatment grants. The rest of the money, the remaining 25%, is sent directly towards national research programs. Our national office has to raise their own money to cover their expenses and ALL monies sent to our national office from every affiliate are used strictly for research grants. Komen is the largest source of non-governmental breast cancer research funding in the world.

The story of Susan G. Komen is an emotional one for our founder, Nancy Brinker. She is the heart and soul of the organization and has led us since our founding. She is driven by a promise that she made to her sister Susan 30 years ago. When Susan was diagnosed, nobody spoke about breast cancer. She asked Nancy to do everything that she could to find a cure so that no one would ever have to lose a loved one to this terrible disease. Unfortunately, Susan lost her battle at the age of 37 and Nancy made the decision to dedicate her life to changing the way people deal with breast cancer. Susan G Komen for the Cure is the result of her efforts and we have been saving lives ever since.

Although Komen Southwest Florida only has one office, in Bonita Springs, we cover Lee, Collier, Henry, Glades, and Charlotte counties. Komen follows this plan so that we can keep our expenses low and funding where it belongs – for those who need our support in our local community.

We raise money through corporate partnerships and local fundraisers. Our largest event is the Race for the Cure scheduled for March 9, 2013 at Coconut Point in Estero. We encourage you to get involved in some way and become part of this inspiring experience where 10,000 people come together to fight breast cancer. As the end of the year closes, and each individual makes decisions as to where they would like to place their charitable dollars, we ask you to consider our organization. One way to determine if a nonprofit is worthy of your support is to look them up on This is the watchdog agency for all nonprofits in the U.S. and you will see that Susan G. Komen has been given the highest ranking available for the 5th year in a row.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about Susan G. Komen Southwest Florida, please call 239-498- 0016 or go to our website at

  • FACT: Since 2002 Susan G Komen Southwest Florida has funded more than $ 5.5 million dollars in local programs and $ 1.8 million in national research grants. $ 650,000 has been put back into Charlotte County alone since 2010.
  • FACT: 75% of all net proceeds raised by Susan G Komen Southwest Florida stays right here in our 5 county area to fund treatment, mammograms and education programs. 25% is contributed to the Susan G Komen National Research Grants Program to fund ground breaking medical research. Komen has been part of every treatment breakthrough over the past 30 years.
  • FACT: Susan G Komen Southwest Florida has an extremely low expense ratio of only 15%. This means your donations are used effectively.
  • FACT: Our national office is responsible for their own expenses. 0 % of the funds raised in our area are sent to our corporate office for anything other than research.
  • FACT: Susan G Komen is the world’s LARGEST source of non-governmental funding for breast cancer research and outreach support.

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