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SWF Health and Wellness MagazineThe Plastic Surgery Spa Welcomes Dr. Michael Stampar

Michael Stampar has been a D.O. Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon since 1991, practicing in Punta Gorda since 1996, and is now expanding to provide his non-surgical facial rejuvenation expertise in Bonita Springs on Mondays. The new location will be The Plastic Surgery Spa in the Riverview Center at 27400 Tamiami Trail, Suite 2. He will be joining Helga Drabak, an established certified laser expert and wellness consultant.

His training, including body liposuction, began in 1984 and he has had a private practice since 1988, starting in Mount Clemens, MI and settling in Punta Gorda. He performs facelifts, “mini-lifts,” eyelid surgery, ear and nose reshaping, and Vaser Liposelection, all under local anesthesia and “spa sedation,” needing only a few pills and an hour massage preoperatively for patients to have a luxurious, and almost pain free surgical experience.

Extensive Experience, Worldwide Trainer

Because of the economy and patient’s demands for no downtime and immediate results, most of his time is spent providing non-surgical services for facial rejuvenation and that is what he will be providing in Bonita Springs. Because of his innovative techniques and extensive experience, he has become a trainer of other physicians in these procedures and has taught worldwide, including the leading cosmetic practice in London and as far away as Moscow and Dubai. Fillers like Juvederm® and Radiesse® are used to fill lines and folds. Sculptra aesthetic® is injected as a collagen stimulator and is used to restore lost facial volume. Fill deep folds, hollow areas, and restore youthful cheekbone prominence. Botox is used to stop overactive muscles from creating new lines.

Innovative Technique for Skin Tightening and Smoothing

But Dr. Stampar does more. Knowing the result is only as good as the skin he is working with, he realized firming and smoothing the skin before fillers, and before or after surgery gives even better results. He accomplishes this by providing the Pelleve procedure for skin tightening and smoothing. Since 2007, Dr. Stampar has developed the technique which he has taught throughout the United States and around the world. His observations and experiments conducted independently in his office led him to find the optimal number of passes and temperature achieved to give an obvious lasting result in every case without pain or downtime. His method was published in June as a chapter in a prestigious medical journal, The Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America.

No Downtime, Immediate Results

Unlike pulsed radiofrequency energy devices like Thermage®, Pelleve® delivers the heat gradually to the precise temperature to achieve an effective treatment in every case. Since the risk of adversely burning the patient is virtually eliminated, the doctor can go over and over the treatment areas as many times as he feels is needed to get the optimal dose of energy in each patient rather than a fixed “safe” dose used in other devices. A full face and neck procedure takes about an hour. There is NO downtime and immediate results continue to improve over several months of new collagen maturation.

Best Non-Surgical, Anti-Aging Tool

The number of sessions needed depends on the age and condition of the skin. Facial blood vessels can also be removed with a simple additional treatment in the same visit, also with no downtime or scarring. Dr. Stampar’s personal results have lasted 18 months or longer depending on the patient, although the company that makes Pelleve® can only claim 6 month results due to FDA regulation. It’s simply the best non-surgical, anti-aging tool there is, and coupled with filler can make anyone look younger at any age in a single visit.

Look Younger At Any Age Philosophy

Because the doctor has expertise in both surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation techniques, you are assured that he can recommend what is best for your specific area of concern. If you go to a surgeon who does only surgery, all you can get is a surgical opinion whether it’s appropriate or not. The same goes for patients who see non-surgeons or providers practicing out of their specialty, you will get only what they feel comfortable with, not necessarily what’s best for you. With Dr. Stampar’s “Look younger at any age” philosophy, it’s all about what bothers you when you look in the mirror in the morning, and you deserve that. Once you tell the doctor what bothers you about your appearance, he will give you all the appropriate options to assure you make the best decision. “I really feel my nearly 100% satisfaction rate is because of the open discussion we have in the consultation and the ability to provide so many options performed personally by me.”

Doctor Stampar is seeing patients Mondays in Bonita Springs and in his office at Spago Medispa, Dayspa, and Salon in Punta Gorda the rest of the week.

Call toll free 877-604-9370 today to arrange your consultation or treatment.

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