The Power of Vitamins and Supplements in Achieving Optimal Health

By Timothy Blend, M.D. –

The Power of VitaminsNumerous studies have confirmed that dietary supplements can help meet the body’s demand for required nutrients. Issues ranging from depleted soil content, overcooking foods, not eating regular meals, digestion complications that are common as we age, malabsorption and stress that weakens our immune system are all conditions that make good argument for taking nutritional supplements.

However, going to a health food or supplement store can be overwhelming, even for a nutritionist like myself. So how does a person select the proper supplement? How do you know what to take? What are the right dosages? It took me a considerable amount of time and education to answer these questions.

Selecting the Proper Supplements
When I was choosing which company would provide my patients and myself with our daily vitamins, my first concern was in selecting a superior quality product. After two years of trying various companies, I ultimately used two important variables for my final decision. The two variables were quality and value. The qualities of the products I selected are based on science first with a commitment to research. The products are free of artificial sweeteners and additives. In general, they are gluten and soy free. The products are synergistic, meaning one nutrient may compliment another without causing chemical sensitivities and minimizing the risk of too much of one product. They are bioavailable (easily digested and assimilated) and come in various forms for different circumstances. They are generally considered whole food vitamins. Choosing high quality vendors with equally high quality standards is paramount to the delivery of the highest quality product. Each product is evaluated, monitored and conforms to one or more industry standards and/or certifications.

Knowing What To Take
Seek expertise in identifying individual needs. Some of my patients come to me in good health and want to take professional grade vitamins and/or supplements in an effort to help maintain good health, while others need improvement in their current state of health and partner with me to identify and meet their individual nutritional needs. Vitamins, dietary supplements and/or nutraceuticals are all options that can work to help individuals overcome a wide variety of health challenges.

“Nutraceutical” is an increasingly popular term that in many cases is used interchangeably for dietary supplement. However, a nutraceutical is defined as a food or food based product that reportedly provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

In general, a quality multi vitamin and fish oil supplement is beneficial to most everyone. When identifying specific supplements or nutraceuticals needed to help individuals overcome particular health complications, it is imperative to understand a patient’s overall health, taking into consideration information found in blood work, hormone levels, genetic history, symptoms, diagnosis of presence or absence of disease, inflammation, current medications and other pertinent health information.

Determining Optimal Dosages
The RDA (recommended daily allowances) and RDI (reference daily intake) merely serve to prevent disease; they are not designed for optimal health. The American Medical Association stated “suboptimal vitamin states are associated with many chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis.” It is important for physicians to identify patients with poor nutrition and other reasons for increased nutrition needs.

Utilizing nutrition and medical expertise along with a patient’s overall health evaluation findings, I am able to best determine the most effective dosages of supplements or nutraceuticals to help individuals achieve optimal health.

Not all supplements are beneficial to all people, and they can increase or decrease absorption of medications. Therefore, patients should always inform practitioners of all nutritional supplements, vitamins and medications they take and seek professional counsel before taking new supplements.

Professional Grade Vitamins and Supplements Available
If you are already aware of your supplement needs and are interested in trying the vitamins and supplements that Dr. Blend has researched and selected, The Blend Institute’s full product line is available for purchase at the Institute. In addition, a select group of supplements are now available for purchase online at, under the Online Store tab.

Years Spent Healthy are More Important than Years Spent Alive
Remember, the number of years you spend alive are not nearly as important as the number of years you spend healthy. Keeping your nutrient intake at optimal levels can go a long way in the battle of disease prevention and treatment. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 941-722-5600 or visit us online at

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