The New “Smart Drug” – ADDTabz

By Marlena Cecil, PA-C

SWF Health and Wellness Magazine
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In all my years as a medical professional I have never been as personally excited about the release of a new medication as I am now.

There are two very important reasons for my glee – one this new medication is known as the New Adderall alternative and secondly it is made by the “Apple Computer” of the pharmaceutical world – Gentech Pharmaceutical. Their latest medication is ADDTabz (both in prescription and non-prescription versions).

Let me further explain why these things are so important to us medical professionals and why ADDTabz is so desperately needed by millions.

SWF Health and Wellness Magazine

1. Over the years many of my patients have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/ADHD-PI – a.k.a. “attention deficit disorder”.

Drugs used to treat ADD such as Ritalin and Adderall are very powerful stimulants and each has a very long list of serious side-effects. The top selling ADD medication is called Adderall. How well does it sell you might wonder…how about so much so that there is an actual Adderall shortage. Google Adderall Shortage and see how much information is out there! Why is there a shortage – the answer will amaze you…. Adderall is the number one illegally used drug of choice on US college campuses – bet that might come as a surprise to you! Adderall, when taken without a prescription, is illegal (same for any controlled drug). Some news organizations have reported that up to 80% of upper-classmen try Adderall or similar ADD medications as a “study drug” or “smart drug”. These “study drugs” provide students what seems like endless energy and ability to hyper-focus and thus cram in tons of information and studying in shorter periods of time. In very much the same way steroids have been used to increase physical performance in both collegiate and professional sports – specific medications such as Adderall have been used to enhance cognitive abilities in a significant manner. The allure of a 4.0 vs. a 2.5 GPA or a CEO position vs. mid-management is too important of a reality to ignore or dismiss.

2. So now we know why there is an Adderall shortage.

Here is why I am so excited about Gentech Pharmaceutical finally releasing ADDTabz. Gentech is known for delivering world class alternatives to popular medications, but they do so without all the side effects! Gentech Pharmaceutical understood the intense need for an Adderall alternative and wanted to take all the positive attributes from the 16+ year old Adderall formulation and update it with current tech-nological/pharmacological advancements. The end result is ADDTabzTM which is perfectly legal for college kids and specifically designed for mental performance and enhancement!

ADDTabz is an exceptional non-prescription pharmaceutical that has received enormous acceptance and approval within the medical community as a first stage alternative to patients seeking an Adderall type medication without having full-fledged ADD/ADHD as a true diagnosis or having gone through necessary evidence substantiating testing via physicians. ADDTabz is particularly popular among elite college and university students around the globe and now we know why – people have long been looking for a safe and effective alternative designed specifically for their needs!

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