The Most Significant Differences Between a Normal Fitness Center and Concept 10 10®

By Jorgen Albrechtsen

In a normal fitness center:

  • More sets of each exercise are practiced – and it a higher pace. Causes reduced intensity and results.
  • The quality of the equipment compared to that of Concept 10 10 – much friction and often not constructed in the strength curve that is adequate for the movements. . No equipment that effectively can isolate the deep lower back muscles.
  • After an introduction, members are mostly left to themselves and have to adjust seat heights etc. as well as weight for each machine before using. The result of this is that the intensity drops dramatically due to the long time laps between exercises.
  • It is often the case that the next machine/equip- ment for the training program is in use by another member. Creates waiting time and leads to reduced intensity. If the client instead chooses to go on to the next machine, the weights will not be optimal due the changed sequence.
  • Disturbing environment with loud music, noise and often high temperature. . There is no constant supervision and coaching. Constant correction, supervision and encouragement are necessary to reach good results.

At Concept 10 10:

  • 1 set of each exercise is done until the muscle is fully stimulated. The slow movement of the weight of 10 seconds either way eliminates inertia and momentum, and causes the muscle to be worked out to its fullest. . Concept 10 10 equipment offers no friction and uses the right strength curve giving a deeper muscular effectiveness.
  • Scientific research shows that the Lower Back machine is the only one to isolate and train the deep back muscles eliminating the back problems of most users.
  • A personal instructor is always present and no one else is in the workout room while you go through the program.
  • The weight is preset and the machines adjusted prior to the start of the session. The member can go directly from one exercise to the next without pausing. The instructor also notes results and progress for each session. Nobody else is using the equipment when you are training.
  • There is an optimal training environment free of disturbing elements.
  • There is constant supervision and coaching.
  • The training is over in less than 20 minutes, and as soon as the right weights are adopted and the right intensity implemented, there has to be 1 week between training sessions as the body would otherwise not have sufficient recovery time.

Back treatment and other muscle training related to treatment

SWF Health and Wellness MagazineTo a large extent, the Concept 10 centers count their customer groups among quality- and result conscious individuals, who want to use the concept to maximise body fitness and function while spending the minimum amount of time. However, to a high degree the product is very much in demand as a preventative and treatment related muscle trainer, particularly for back problems.

With the unique equipment in combination with the correct use it becomes possible to isolate and retrain the muscular system of the back for instance, to a degree and an effectiveness that has never been possible before. A majority of the population suffers from pains and discomfort that normal therapy cannot eliminate, and it is obvious that a center which can “deliver” is guaranteed success in all fields. Competing forms of treatment, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, heat therapy, bed rest, massage, drugs etc. will not remove the cause of the pains which in most cases are of muscular origin.

Concept 10 is unique in the field thanks to 3 factors:

  1. Unequalled results
  2. Fast results
  3. Relatively small expense compared to the results

Back problems usually start after the age of about 30. Research shows that there will be a remarkable growth of the age group of 30 to 50 in the years to come. One woman in three develops osteoporosis after her menopause. But men are also exposed to this invalidating condition.

The training offered by Concept 10 10 becomes more and more acknowledged and preferred as the optimal (and far cheaper) means against the disease.

People often ask if Concept 10 10 is only for the muscles.

There is a widespread misconception about heart & lung endurance.

If you practice one of the traditional activities such as jogging, aerobics or the like, the muscles involved will be strengthened to a certain extent while you get better at making the movements involved. Strong muscles have increased ability to take up oxygen from the blood, and as they reduce the demands on heart and lungs, the athlete/performer is made to feel in better shape.

But it is not necessary to strengthen heart and lungs; in fact it is not even possible. On the contrary, it is necessary to strengthen one’s muscles to enable optimal performance within the cardiopulmonary capacity. The biological function of heart and lungs is to support the muscles – not the other way round. That is a scientific fact, which is a big surprise to most. Concept 10 10 increases the cardio-vascular endurance just as much and in most cases much more than any other activity.

Burning calories (Leanness and loss of body fat)

1 pound of muscle tissue takes up much less space than 1 pound of fat. If you lose 10 pounds of fat and increase the muscle mass by 10 pounds, the weight will remain the same, but the body will look completely different.

So it is all about losing fat and not muscle tissue.

Many slimming diets in fact lead to loss of muscle tissue, as the body gets undernourished when combined with jogging or aerobics for example. As a result, a lot of the weight loss will come from muscles, bones and essential organs.

A training program like Concept 10 10 ensures loss of fat and not of muscle tissue. The training in fact works as an automatic fat burner, as muscles burn calories for 24 hours, also at rest. Deposits of fat cells at different areas of the body depend on individual predispositions. It is down to the genes, and cannot be changed. This means that the so-called “spot reducing” is not possible.

To learn more about Concept 10 10, contact us at 239-431-7143, or visit us online at It will change the way you think about exercise forever.

Exercise will never be the same again!

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