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The Hearing Healthcare Field Has Made Major Adjustments Due To COVID-19!

I would like to share FIVE INSIGHTS that Clinicians and Patients have experienced while dealing with this Pandemic Crisis:

By Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Services

The Hearing Healthcare Field Has Made Major Adjustments Due To COVID-19Hearing Loss is much more challenging when people are wearing masks on their faces!
Visual clues make communication much easier for people with hearing loss. When everyone’s face is covered in a mask… communication suffers. This is especially true with hospital grade masks that also cut the volume by 10 to 12 Decibels in many cases. This requires loved ones and Medical Professionals to speak much louder in an attempt to communicate… and raising your voice makes it appear that you are angry with the person you were speaking to, and often leads to hurt feelings and increased stress!

People who have been procrastinating or fighting the use of hearing aids, therefore, create even more stress in the household. People whose hearing aids needed to be repaired often found that some of their Hearing Care Providers needed to temporarily close their Practices due to Pandemic concerns. Hoglund Family Hearing and Audiology Centers will gladly help repair any broken hearing aids throughout this Pandemic in our attempt to make communication with loved ones easier.

We established a Pandemic Hotline to help people during this crisis through Telemedicine approaches, and curbside drop-off of broken Hearing Aids to maintain social distancing, if someone was quarantined or at high risk! We will continue to offer this assistance at NO CHARGE until the world returns to normal! Pandemic Hotline: 239-360-3753

Technical Advances in Hearing Aids have been a Godsend throughout this Pandemic!
Many of today’s modern hearing aids can be programmed without a Patient needing to physically visit their clinician! Starkey Hearing Technology’s new Livio line of hearing aids can all be programmed from a distance, so if you happen to have any Starkey product… call our offices and we will explain how to make these programming changes quickly and easily. Our Practice happens to be blessed with extremely talented and caring “millennials” who understand this new technology like the back of their hands, and will patiently walk you through the steps required to make these changes. Do not be concerned about your technical skills…they will make this easy for you! Again there is NO CHARGE for this service!

Doctors and Hospital Employees are Absolute ANGELS!

I’m sure we speak on behalf of all Southwest Florida residents, in expressing our admiration and appreciation to these Healthcare WARRIORS! In appreciation, many of the manufacturers have agreed to provide Special Pricing (UP TO 50% OFF) for anyone involved in medical care. We will also provide special evening and weekend appointments for anyone involved in healthcare, and assure you that you will not be exposed to any other Patients to ensure your safety! Thank You, and Bless You for your service!

The Stress of this Crisis has made Tinnitus UNBEARABLE!
Stress fuels Tinnitus… and Tinnitus fuels stress. It has long been known that the stress hormone cortisol acts like kerosene on a fire to Tinnitus distress. The emotional trauma of this economic crisis and health pandemic coupled with a lot more time alone in a quiet environment… have dramatically impacted the lives of Tinnitus sufferers! The American Tinnitus Association has many resources including a Tinnitus hotline at 1-800-634-8978. Locally, you can call today to arrange a FREE Emergency Tinnitus Consultation with John Hoglund by calling our Southwest Florida Pandemic Hot-line: (239) 360-3753 if you need additional information to help you get through this crisis!

We have all heard the phrase “Silence is Golden” for as long as we can remember, but when it is challenging to communicate with those around you, and you have difficulty hearing people over the phone, it makes the world a lot lonelier! Loneliness can contribute to depression and Social Isolation can dramatically increase these feelings of loneliness! You owe it to yourself to hear your best! Please call our offices now and we will arrange an appointment in the future when the pandemic risk has been reduced, and let us give your hearing the attention and care it requires! Quality-of-life often depends on quality of communication with others! All of our Clinics offer FREE HEARING TESTS for your convenience, and you will receive a dated copy for your medical files!

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