The Eternal Struggle with Weight Loss

By Sharon C. Sullivan, New Beginnings hCG Clinics, SW Florida

In the past 4 years, the hCG diet has become more and more popular. Last year, with the positive programs about the diet on the Dr. Oz show and others, the diet became one of the most popular around. The hCG protocol has actually been around for years, even in SW Florida. I still get the occasional woman in my office that was on the program 30 years ago in Fort Myers. Now, with the explosion of obesity and the health concerns it has generated, everyone is looking for the “quick fix.” hCG seems to be the “flavor of the month.”

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Transformational Weight Loss

It is true that the hCG diet offers a very rapid weight loss, but I do not want anyone to think it is a quick fix. For weight loss to be transformational, there must be long term follow through with a maintenance plan. hCG does cause rapid weight loss, but each six week protocol is followed with a stabilization period to reset the body’s metabolism. I think this is where the true difference lies.

Change Your Relationship to Food

New Beginnings hCG Clinics follow the traditional hCG diet developed over 45 years ago by the endocrinologist, A.T.W. Simeon, MD. We offer people a chance to radically change their relationship to food by eating a clean and unprocessed diet free of industrial additives and stabilizers. Plain, lean protein and large quantities of leafy vegetables and whole fruits are the basis of this diet.

Because of the action of the hormone, hCG, the weight loss is quick and the fat loss is remarkable. Just look at the New Beginnings website and listen to the programs by Dr. Oz. regarding his research on this diet. We have one of the most visited and comprehensive webpages on this diet on the web,

The Importance of a Long Term Maintenance Plan

What we emphasize to our dieters at New Beginnings is the importance of a long term maintenance plan to achieve permanent weight loss. Without the stabilizing effect of a maintenance program, no weight loss can be permanent. In fact, your body is destined to return to a certain “ set point” weight. This is a real cause of yo-yo dieting. We believe certain steps taken to stabilize weight after rapid loss can insure that a new “set point” is achieved for the body.

Make This Your Last Diet

Our goal is to help you find a weight that is easy for you to maintain, where you feel good and have energy but are not constantly fighting to keep an unreasonable weight goal.

Call our office in Fort Myers at 239-288-6581 or in Bonita Springs at 239-676-5374 to schedule a consultation. Let us help you make this Your Last Diet!

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