Summer Cleaning

Summer CleaningSummer has finally arrived! Summer months in Florida mean humidity, rain to shine (and back, again) within minutes, and all of the fun that comes with being outside. The best things about summer are getting a tan while grilling, enjoying company, and breaking out those dusty pool noodles. Kicking back and relaxing is nice, but before you do… think about something else, cleaning. Cleaning is definitely not at the top of most people’s list of summer activities, but it can make the rest of your summer more carefree.

Let’s start with the inside. Humidity can mean many things to Floridians. The list includes, but is not limited to, swarms of mosquitos, unbearable sweat, and that overall heavy feeling in the air. Keeping the bathroom fan turned on during, and even 15-20 minutes after a shower, will reduce the humidity that mold thrives on. When removing mold and mildew, non-scrubbing products can reduce the amount of time spent stuck inside. On a cooler note, refrigerators become more active than usual in summer months while grabbing some refreshing beverages. Lemonade goes with summer like sugar goes with “sticky”. Avoiding messes due to spilt liquids can be accomplished by purchasing refrigerator shelf liners is quick and easy. Removing and replacing the liners makes cleaning up a snap.

Garbage can be a uniquely smelly fixture in the home. Sludge, grime, and old food all add up to a recipe for disaster; mix in the summer heat and it can make a bad situation much worse. Many times the reason our garbage smells so bad is not what’s inside the bag, but outside and beneath it. Placing a garbage liner inside the can will reduce the risk of leakage and spills. A collection of mold and bacteria can build up inside. Take the time to address this kitchen mainstay, your nose will be happy you did.

We all love to sit on our lanais at night and enjoy the company of friends and family. Outdoor lighting is utilized more often in the summer, but after a period of non-use they can collect pollen, dust, bugs, and more. Dusting is a given, yet taking down the fixture and washing it inside and out is the proper solution. A little bleach or vinegar with water ensures that the lights stay brighter and the company stays longer.

Grilling out in summer has to be one of the great American pastimes. A few beverages, friends, and the smell of a New York Strip being cooked to perfection makes for an ideal summer day. Before you grab the peppercorn sauce, make sure the grill has been cleaned after a long winter. No dangerous chemicals are needed to clean the grill; just take some rolled-up tin foil and dip it in white vinegar. Then scrub the grate for a few minutes and presto… you are ready to start cooking.

If you want to leave the summer cleaning to someone else, contact MaidPro at (239) 431-9080. The folks there are experts in every aspect of cleaning; whether indoors or outside. They have the supplies and know-how to prep your home for a relaxing summer. You can also visit them at

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