When You are suffering from chronic back & necK Pain the road to recovery can seem difficult to follow…

Neck PainIf you are suffering from chronic, severe back or neck pain you are not alone.  Back pain is the leading cause of physical disability in the United States with over 50 million Americans suffering from back pain at any given moment.  Back pain is also the second reason for emergency room visits each year, second only to pregnancy.

Back pain has already reached epidemic proportions in the United States.  Research into the care of back pain garners countless amounts of time, energy and money from the government and the medical community, which have proven largely ineffective in establishing successful treatments, let alone a cure.  There is research stating that as little as 14% of back surgeries are actually effective in significantly reducing pain.  Additionally, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that 51% of all back surgery Is unnecessary.

So what are you to do if you are stricken with chronic, severe back or neck pain?  Take daily pain pills?  Undergo costly, risky surgical procedures?  Just learn to live with it?  Suffering is no longer the only option thanks to a breakthrough non-surgical treatment called VAX-D Therapy now being offered locally by doctors specializing in spinal disc care at Simply Spine Centers.

So what is VAX-D Therapy?  How can this treatment offer relief even if drugs, surgery and other treatments have not?  VAX-D stands for Vertebral Axial Decompression and has helped hundreds of doctors around the world successfully reduce and even eliminate the chronic back and neck pain that is experienced by so many.  The treatment is a safe, painless non-surgical alternative that is gentle on the patient.

VAX-D Therapy works by lying down on a table that you are harnessed to which pulls your upper and lower body apart relieving pressure on spinal discs.  The therapy decompresses the spine reversing the negative effects that disease, injury and gravity may have caused over time.

It is quite different from classic traction, which has been around for many decades and has proven ineffective in treating back pain.  In many instances, traction has been reported to actually increase symptoms of back pain!  This is because traction pulls the body in a constant, linear fashion causing muscles in the back to go into spasm.  This natural reflex is designed to alert your body of impending injury.  VAX-D Therapy is different, utilizing an advanced computer system and biofeedback to apply exact amounts of distraction, at precise angles and does so intermittently to overcome the body’s natural reaction to being pulled apart.  By effectively reversing spinal pressure, the treatment allows your body to do what it does very well, heal naturally.


“When I walked into the doctor’s office, I had suffered from chronic back  I had tried everything from Chiropractors, acupressure, epidural steroid injections and physical therapy.  While some things helped temporarily, nothing eased my pain for long.  I heard about Vax-D from a co-worker who also suffered from debilitating lower back pain and he felt great so when I read a brochure I figured I’d give it a try.  I was a little skeptical but tried to remain open minded and I was more than ready for something that would help me.  Now, I am at the end of my treatment, I feel great.  I can get out of bed in the morning and I am pain free.  I can stand and sit for longer periods of time and enjoy many things I previously couldn’t.  All in all, I feel like a new person!”
~ Carol D.

“I picked up the Sunday paper and saw an advertisement in it that you can  I decided to give you a call and from then on we started to do this treatment.  When I first came here I had to use a cane.   I had pain in my legs and pain in my back.  Now, I feel like a million dollars.  I can walk long distance without using a cane.   In fact, I haven’t used a cane in a couple of weeks already.  I feel real good.  I am proud of you.  You did a real good job on me.
~ Walter D.

The Simply Spine Centers’ Difference
There are many doctors that treat low back and neck pain. Most use drugs, physical therapy and/or spine surgery. Unlike those clinics, SIMPLY SPINE CENTERS’ has been designed from inception to specialize in one area; the complete, non-surgical rehabilitation of spinal disc conditions.

Consultation            Patient History, Review of MRI, Virtual Doctor Presentation
$200 Value             First 20 Callers Absolutely No Cost

Trial Package        VAX-D Therapy Session and Bio-Freeze Analgesic
$250 Value             First 20 Callers only $50   *Qualified VAX-D Patients Only
Free Copy of:
DECOMPRESS; Live Your Life Free From Back Pain

We can help you navigate the road to recovery and get your life back. call 800.596.3083 today. you have nothing to lose but your pain!

If you call and the line is busy or you receive voicemail, leave us a message.  We have a 24-hour return call policy.  The possibility of living your life free from back pain and getting back to the activities you love is well worth the time and effort to schedule your consultation.  Real HELP is only a phone call away… 800.596.3083.

While you are waiting to see us, visit SimplySpineCenters.com and download our report The Guide to Permanent Relief of Back Pain.

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*Unfortunately, not all individuals will qualify for Vax-D Therapy.
**Due to federal law some Medicare recipients may not be eligible for this offer.
*** Disclaimer:  The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination
or treatment that is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free discounted fee or reduced fee service examination or treatment.

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