Struggling to Lose Weight? Balanced Hormones, Diet, and Lifestyle Choices are Your MOST Powerful Weapon!

Gerry Letendre, RPh, MBA, CHt

85% of the people in our country are overweight. With fad diets, extreme lifestyle disruptions and unhealthy diet pills, and other means to control appetite, over the years, most people have lost a few pounds, only to regain them rather quickly once they stop using those means. Why? Because the underlying condition is left untreated.

Hormones play a significant role in how much we weigh and how difficult or easy it is to keep weight on or off. Balancing hormones (sex hormones, thyroid, and adrenals) is a powerful way to finally get to your ideal weight, and in saying that, not everyone needs to be a specific size or to look the same. Your body is unique, your genes are as well, and adjusting hormone to optimal levels is often the key to looking and feeling fabulous.

The endocrine system works with both the nervous system and the immune system to help regulate stress. It secretes hormones into our bloodstream. When there are imbalances and overstimulation of hormones, this can lead to weight gain. Additionally, weight gain can also lead to changes in our hormones. Obesity leads to numerous chronic health conditions, but even being slightly overweight has a multitude of associated health risks.

Sex Hormones
Sex Hormones include androgens, estrogens, and progestogens. In both men and women, sex hormone levels facilitate changes in body fat distribution. Younger women that have hormone imbalances typically store fat in their lower body. As we age, both men and women store more fat around their abdomen. When hormones are balanced with bio-identical replacement therapy and/or lifestyle changes, fat storage usually regulates normal levels. For menopausal women, a lack of estrogen leads to excessive weight gain. Many women experience this if they’ve undergone breast or reproductive cancer treatment, as it often depletes estrogen to dangerously low levels.

With Hyperthyroidism, an overproduction of the T3 and/orT4 hormones cause the body to react to the over secretion of the thyroid hormones in negative ways, and a common side effect is an overstimulated appetite and weight gain.

An excess of adrenal hormones is triggered by stress. When we’re constantly stressed, our hormones get stuck in a hyper state, releasing more stress hormones, and the effects go straight to the abdomen. If you’ve gained weight around your midsection, talk to us about getting your adrenal levels checked.

The professionals at Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy are experts in creating customized Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy that suits each patient’s individual needs.

When it comes to lasting weight loss or achieving the ideal weight for your body, lifestyle and dietary choices are critical for reaching our goals and sticking to a lifestyle plan.

Bonni London, owner of London Wellness, an expert on diet and nutrition says the following about dietary changes, “There is no one size fits all plan. Your genetics, lifestyle, current medical status, and goals all need to be taken into consideration when formulating a plan for long term success. In addition, in our current culture of social media and access to information, it is easy to become confused about what the facts are.”

On January 14th, Bonni will be the speaker for Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy via a FREE Virtual Zoom Seminar. Bonni creates a plan that is unique to your personal history, lifestyle, and genetics and can make the difference between success and failure.

London Wellness patients under Bonni’s care report the following:
• Weight management
• Body composition or muscle to fat ratio
• Overall mood and sense of well-being
• Energy level and ability to engage in activities
• Quality and quantity of sleep
• Gastrointestinal functioning
• Immune system with reported overall decrease in
length or frequency of illnesses

Ketogenic Diet
While no one diet is appropriate for all, the Ketogenic diet has helped numerous people lose weight and keep it off. It’s well studied, and the research is ongoing. It also is proving to be beneficial for multiple disorders like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s diabetes, and autoimmune disorders, to name a few. It is a very low carbohydrate diet, and although there are multiple ways to get into ketosis, the healthier versions are, of course, most beneficial for long-term health. Think avocado, pasture-raised eggs, nuts, cold-water fish, and lots of greens as opposed to meat and cheese.

Intermittent Fasting
Fasting has come back into fashion. We are now starting to hear more about the benefits of time-restricted eating and intermittent fasting. Both of these methods can help with weight loss and also to boost the immune system, clean out diseased cells, and to create autophagy. In many of the “Blue Zone” areas, centenarians practice fasting for religious purposes, and scientific research shows that it has multiple health benefits.

Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy: More Than Just a Compounding Pharmacy
Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy and Wellness Center is an independent, family owned innovative compounding only pharmacy that has served the Sarasota community for over 40 years. Their compounding pharmacists work with physicians, veterinarians, dentists and other health care practitioners to prepare patient specific medications. Their compounding services allow them to create formulations in unique strengths and dosage forms.

Your Options with Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy are numerous! Stop by and see them today!

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