Stress Management Tips From Freedom Village of Bradenton

Stress ManagementBack in the 1980s there were numerous Calgon bath commercials that promised to wash away your worries. The tagline was “Calgon take me away.” Not too bad of an advertising messaging, because there is actually truth to it. Taking time for yourself can definitely help to decrease stress and anxiety.

Here are 3 simple tips to reduce stress:
#1 Take a Break From the Worries of the World
It might be difficult, but carving out time to relax, take a bath, take a walk or simply shut yourself in a separate room for 10 minutes to do deep breathing exercises can reduce anxiety significantly and over time, you will most likely notice that these personal care methods will help you to become calmer throughout the day.

#2 Keep Moving
Talk with your physician about the right exercise plan for you. Most people can benefit from taking a brisk 30-minute walk or a 30-minute swim. Exercise increases circulation, reduces stress, it also improves nutrient and oxygen rich blood flow, and helps you build strength and to lose weight. If you can work out harder, it’s extremely beneficial to get your heart rate up daily with cardiovascular exercise.

#3 Meditation & Prayer
Yoga helps to improve flexibility, blood flow, muscle strength, posture, immune function, bone health, decreases depressive episodes, and can regulate blood pressure. Meditation and prayer also reduces stress, reduces anxiety, promotes emotional wellbeing, can help fight addictions, can generate health and improve immune function, it can stave off memory disorders and increase neuronal plasticity.

In some cases anti-anxiety or antidepression medications may be necessary. Talk to your physician if you have unresolved, ongoing stress.

Freedom Village of Bradenton is a senior living community that offers many amenities and social activities to help alleviate stress. Plus, knowing that your needs are taken care such as no more mowing the lawn, home maintenance or preparing for hurricanes eases anxiety and the worries of the world. The residents at Freedom Village can enjoy each day relaxing, joining in on activities, enjoying the well-manicured outside areas or chatting with friends.

Freedom Village Options to Suit Many Needs
• Personalized care
• Welcoming living spaces
• Remarkable amenities
• Customized services
• Phases of living arrangements

Freedom Village is a CCRC, (Continuing Care Retirement Community), that offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care and skilled nursing.

Independent Living at Freedom Village of Bradenton
At Freedom Village, our independent living is for seniors who are able to live on their own and desire the conveniences of life that provide top-of-the-line amenities and services, such as social activities, chef-inspired dining, transportation, and security within a community that feels like family. Independent Living is where many individuals and couples begin their journey, and if they ever need to transition into the higher level care, it is conveniently located within the same comfortable and family-oriented community.

Freedom Village’s senior living commitment and expertise are to help residents thrive in a vibrant environment through socialization, personalized care, comfortable and inviting living spaces, numerous amenities, and incomparable services for the aging population.

You’ll experience maintenance-free living as part of a lovely, secure community. Stay close to friends and enjoy a host of social, recreational, spiritual, and educational activities. Our staff will ensure the movers place everything in the correct area and leave everything else in your capable hands.

You’ll feel right at home as we strive to give you a warm welcome, including introducing all of our staff members, encouraging visits from other residents, inviting you to social events, and more. Your family and friends are always welcome and will quickly become a part of the community as well.

As a CCRC, Freedom Village of Bradenton offers multiple phases of living for your specific needs, which include Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing.

At Freedom Village of Bradenton, they are committed to doing everything they can to make their senior living community the best it can be. That is why they are excited to announce that Freedom Village’s management team will now be working with Life Care Services®, an LCS® Company*, the nationwide leader in senior living that provides management support to over 140 communities across the country. It is the same strong Freedom Village team with even better resources for a vibrant, active community! Freedom Village of Bradenton has been part of the Bradenton, Florida, community for over 30 years.

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