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Strength Training for Healthier Living! True U Fitness Q&A

Strength Training for Healthier LivingSometimes less really is more. Ask certified trainers Keith Jobin and Joe Muscatell, owners of True U Fitness.  They’re devotees of an ultra-slow weight-training program they say dramatically improves strength and fitness. Ken Hutchins developed the practice after studying the effects of resistance training on women with osteoporosis.  His fitness program operates on the theory that using slow force to push a muscle beyond fatigue stimulates muscle growth, increases muscle strength and elasticity and improves muscle tone. True U Fitness features customized, one-on-one training on state-of-the-art Nautilus machines. We recently spoke with Joe Muscatell about life in the slow lane. For more information, visit or call 941-373-6300.

What’s the basic principle behind super-slow, high-intensity strength training?
First, it’s time-efficient, requiring only two, 20 minute workouts per week to achieve optimal results. Second, it uses a super-slow cadence speed of 10 seconds in the lifting phase and 10 seconds in the lowering phase, which helps the body fight the loss of bone and muscle and strength as you age.

Why is slowing down movement considered high intensity?
The intensity comes from deeply inroading the muscle; as the muscle gets progressively more fatigued we continue until we get to an impossible repetition. This is where our body crosses a threshold to produce greater strength and grow the muscle.

What does “impossible repetition” mean?
The traditional method of weightlifting calls for muscle fatigue, but super-slow training goes a step further. We call it muscle success: In essence we take all of your primary and secondary muscles and bring them to the point where you can no longer move the weight. We call this an “impossible repetition.”

What’s the magic behind two times a week at 20 minutes per session?
Most people think more is better, but we believe less is better. We focus on breaking down the muscle. This increases the metabolism and turns the body into a fat-burning machine. We then schedule the next workout after a resting/recovery period of 72-96 hours. Clinical research has shown that after 72-96 hours the muscle growth becomes stagnant until the next workout, which is why we look to see our clients twice a week.

Are there cardiovascular benefits from the 20-munute workout?
Absolutely! During a super-slow workout, oxygen is vital to all muscles of the body. During exercise, the demand for oxygen increases because your muscles are working harder, therefore demanding more cardiovascular work.

Why is one-on-one training important for this program?
We bring clients to muscle success, one step further than traditional strength training, which is hard to accomplish on your own. We also ensure they’re doing the exercise correctly, instead of spending several hours at the gym with little or no results. In addition, we offer a private environment with no music, mirrors or judgment from others, therefore allowing a client to deeply focus on his or her workout.

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