Streamline Your Office Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork the ICD-10 Update?

Streamline Your Office Focus on PatientsWith an ever-increasing number of patients being seen, many offices are finding it more and more difficult to balance time spent with the patient and time spent completing and filing required paperwork. Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your patient encounters enabling you to focus more on the patient and less on the paperwork?

If you and your office staff find an easy-to-use intuitive interface with minimal startup time beneficial to your practice it may be time to consider a different system.  With 24/7 web-based access, built in labs interface and ePrescribing capabilities the services offered by Affinity Revenue Services may be just what your office is missing.

With the conversion to ICD-10 is your office staff feeling overwhelmed spending more and more time on paperwork instead of providing your patients with a streamlined quality experience? Does faster reimbursement, fewer claim rejections and real time reporting sound appealing? If so, services available using iClaim will provide your office with numerous benefits.

EMRx Service
Choosing an electronic medical records solution can be a frustrating process. You’d like to take advantage of current incentives, but don’t want to get stuck with a system that ignores your unique office workflow.

Well, with EMRx you can not only cash in on early adoption incentives, you can also implement a customized solution that will parallel the current workflow of your practice.

Here’s why EMRx is the right system for you:
• Simple solutions for complex workflows – EMRx was designed by physicians, and is fully customizable to match your workflow. From the appointment book to chart completion, e-prescription, and billing – there’s only a single screen to navigate.
• Fast patient encounters – Physicians who use EMRx spend an average of 2 minutes documenting each patient encounter. Spend less time documenting and more time caring for patients.
• Implementation & Training – The EMRx customized implementation plan allows for comprehensive training while reducing the disruption in office workflow. You get training on your time and on your terms.

It’s the right time, and EMRx is the right system for you.

iClaim Billing Service
If you’re excited by the prospect of a “no headache” billing service that still gives you full control of your patient records, we’ve got the solution you’re looking for.

How our iClaim billing service benefits you:
• Get your claims paid fast – Because most of our claims are paid on first submission, you’ll get the funds more quickly. Also, our billing service has one of the lowest rejection rates in the industry, so you’ll have fewer unpaid claims.

• Real-time access – iClaim is web-based, so you have 24/7 access to your data from any computer with an internet connection. That means you can view the real-time status of every aspect of your billing cycle anytime, anywhere.

• Better reporting for better decisions – With iClaim, you can access hundreds of reports in real-time with the touch of a button. That gives you ultimate control, and the data you need to make the right decisions for your practice.

So free yourself and your staff to focus on patient care, and let us and iClaim handle the rest.

Affinity Revenue Services is proud to provide overall business consulting support to physicians and surgeons in private practice. Whether the need is ICD-10/Stage 2, meaningful use HER/EMR systems, comprehensive medical billing solutions to optimize revenue cycle, or electronic filing of patient files, Affinity Revenue Services has the solution to assist in every facet of your practice.

For more information about the services available, call 855-592-9222 today! Let us make it possible for you to focus more on your patients and less on the piles of paperwork that comes with treating them.

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