STOP SMOKING IN 1 HOURAs president of Nova Medical, I have witnessed hundreds of people win their fights with drug and nicotine addiction.  Unfortunately, I have also seen hundreds relapse and fall right back into the downward addiction spiral.

When  I consult with a new client, there is one question I can ask that will give me a very  accurate prediction as to whether that person will be a success or failure.  That question is:  “What do you want to achieve?

Those destined to succeed will respond something like:  “I want to be drug free or nicotine free.  I am sick and tired of being a slave to drugs.  I want you to help me get off as quickly and as comfortably as possible.  I am willing to do whatever it takes to beat this addiction.”

Those destined for relapse will respond something like:  “I want to be drug free, but……..” and the  blame game begins and everything after “but”  is bull—-.

If you have an intense desire to overcome any obstacle and come to a clear cut decision that there is way out, then commit to following that path only:  then, success is assured.

Your beliefs can be a powerful ally or a mortal enemy.  Beliefs get programmed into our subconscious mind by repetition, visualization (monkey see, monkey do) or a traumatic life experience.  Your sub-conscious mind is a super computer.  It has unlimited storage capacity and operates at the speed of light.  Like any computer, it only can retrieve the information that has been programmed into it.  It does not determine whether the information is good or bad, true or false, or right or wrong.

Any emotion or feeling you have is created by a programmed belief.  How you feel will determine how you  act and behave.  Your behavior will determine your results.  If you have feelings or results you don’t like, you must find and correct the root cause which is your beliefs.

Smoking is a classic example of the power of beliefs.  Everyone is born a non-smoker.  The first cigarette is usually a horrible experience causing coughing, dizziness or sickness.  You have to convince yourself that smoking will be good for you.   So…. you tell yourself you’ll be cool and acceptable to a certain group you’d like to hang out with.

You convince yourself that nicotine will help relax you and give you energy.  These are just a few of the lies about smoking that get programmed.   Few smokers realize that the stress and lethargy they are trying to relieve are a result of nicotine withdrawal, not some underlying distress.    Break the addiction, and the ill feelings will dissipate.

When someone comes to Nova Medical to stop smoking, they know logically why they should quit. Smoking causes lung disease, heart disease, it stinks, causes bad breath, it’s socially embarrassing to be addicted to nicotine.   However, in a battle between logic and emotions, emotion  is going to eventually win out.  That’s why just saying no doesn’t work.  It is critical that we re-program the super computer, the sub-conscious mind, back to the beliefs of  a non-Smoker.  We can easily do this in 1 hour using hypnosis, neurofeedback, and laser acupuncture (auricular therapy) to increase dopamine levels.

We guarantee the results!
There is hope…We can help.

Bob Long
President, Nova Medical
239-267-0986 (Ft. Myers)
239-676-5374 (Bonita Springs)

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