Pyure Brands Encourages Individuals to Discover
Stevia’s Plaque-Fighting Benefits

TOOTH DECAYRecent studies have revealed that stevia fights tooth decay.

According to tests conducted by Purdue University’s Dental Science Research Group, stevia prevents the growth of Streptococcus mutans, the bacteria that is responsible for forming dental plaque in the mouth.

While sugar collects this bacteria and promotes wearing of enamel and cavities, stevia extracts are considered to have moderate antibacterial activity, and thereby greatly lowering the risks of tooth decay and combating Streptococcus growth – according to research.

“Most switch sugar for stevia for three reasons: Pyure Stevia is organic, zero calories and unlike sugar, it won’t spike your glycemic levels,” said Ben Fleischer with Pyure Brands, makers of the award winnings, cleanest-tasting stevia. “Bonus! Now we know we have evidence that stevia mitigates another sugary sin: tooth decay. All good health starts with oral health. We’re excited to know our products – great tasting, certified organic and non-GMO Stevia and Erythritol – are both not only ideal for individuals looking for reduced calories and better control of their blood sugar, but also anyone seeking work on their dental hygiene without letting go of the sweets.”

Pyure Offering FREE Sustainable Dental Care Kits
To help promote these findings, Pyure is partnering with WooBamboo – makers of organically grown, sustainable, biodegradable, antimicrobial bamboo toothbrushes – to provide consumers a limited supply of sustainable dental care kits. An estimated one billion toothbrushes end up in our oceans and landfills every year – the weight of 13,000 full grown elephants! Pyure wants to help spread the word and share a simple solution. Simply visit to request a sample of Pyure Stevia sweeteners and for a limited time receive a WooBamboo toothbrush. Supplies are limited.

About Pyure Brands
Founded in 2008, Pyure Brands is a leading innovator of healthy sweeteners and one of the largest and fastest-growing independent stevia companies in America, with products available in more than 19,000 retailers. Under the direction of Founder, Benjamin Fleischer, Pyure has successfully established itself as a pioneer of sweetening solutions by introducing the first USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified stevia and erythritol to the market. The company’s commercial stevia extracts and blends provide the reduced-calorie sweetening solution for more than 400 food, beverage, and personal care products. In an effort to help further health awareness, Pyure donates a portion of its proceeds to organizations and foundations that have a focus on diabetes education as well as other social and environmental causes.

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Did you know?
Studies show stevia inhibits the growth of the bacteria that forms dental plaque.

More stevia = Less plaque build-up.

Choose Pyure Stevia: organic, non-GMO and great tasting.

Pyure + WooBamboo = Better dental care and a healthier world.

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