Staying Active Helps the Body and Brain Thrive

What Campo Felice’s Fitness Instructor Wants Seniors to Know

Staying Active Helps the Body and Brain ThriveSarah Antonucci is the Fitness Coordinator with Campo Felice. Because she works with residents firsthand and has built treasured relation ships with them, we wanted to learn more and get insight into why it’s important for seniors to stay active and how Campo Felice goes beyond expectations.

H&W: Tell us more about the fitness activities available at Campo Felice.

Sarah: We offer multiple group classes throughout the week; some consist of indoor, and others are outside. We also have a state-of-the-art Fitness Center that residents can use throughout the day and into early evening at their convenience.

Our goal is to keep Independent Living residents moving and active to prevent falls, balance issues, invigorate the body and brain, and for their enjoyment. Many of the residents take multiple classes throughout the week, and one of our residents is certified and teaches our Zumba Gold class, a really fun Latin dance-inspired fitness class.

Moving is essential for all ages, but it’s even more important to improve circulation, increase oxygen intake, build muscle strength, and exercise the brain when we get older. I tell our residents that even when they are not exercising, try and move around every 30 minutes or so.

H&W: What types of classes do you offer?

Sarah: There are 18 opportunities throughout the week for group exercise classes. We offer Water Aerobics, which helps residents get their cardiovascular workout in the pool while protecting the joints.

We also offer Balance and Strength, which improves core strength and stability because this is where all balance begins. I also incorporate resistance training, and we do this while standing in front of chairs for support.

Sit & Tone is a great class that might seem underrated initially, but we really get a high-quality work out while seated in a chair. It works all the major muscle groups and helps tone and strengthen, which is vital for seniors.

Cardio Sculpting is a favorite, and even though it’s fairly high intensity, residents love this class. It’s nonstop standing cardio, which improves cardiovascular output, strength, and balance.

On Friday’s we offer Yoga as it is an excellent way to unwind from the week, lay aside any stress or cares, stretch and relax the body, and rejuvenate the mind.

As mentioned, Zumba Gold is taught by one of our amazing residents, that is a certified Zumba instructor. The residents love the Latin dances as it’s a fun way to get in cardiovascular exercise because it’s literally celebrating and dancing while you’re working out.

Agility for Everyday Life is an important exercise class as it helps maintain independence by working out the BRAIN. It’s also extremely entertaining. We work on reaction times, multitasking and coordination while working the brain simultaneously. For example, we put red, yellow, and green dots on the floor and call out directions like, “Left leg on green, right hand on red.” We also have residents sit in chairs and then have them stand up to answer questions on specific categories like food or movies. It’s a lot of fun, and it helps to rewire and stimulate connections in the brain, which we all need.

Water Waves is another pool exercise option where we focus on strength training with water dumbbells or other resistance mechanisms. These classes are popular in the warmer months, of course.

And last but not least, we have a Circuit Training class that’s held in the fitness center. In this class, we work all eight major muscle groups by rotating through the numerous machines and by using resistance bands, free weights, and dumbbells.

At this time, we are holding most of our workout classes in the Ballroom because it is such a large room. Each class has chairs placed at a safe distance from others, which is one way we protect our residents. We also take sanitization and disinfection very seriously, so the classes are scheduled at least 30 minutes apart, allowing us to thoroughly clean equipment and disinfect the areas. We provide hand sanitizers outside of the workout areas and common areas as well.

I work directly with our Lifestyle Manager to offer other fun and inspiring activities throughout the week and month. These include art classes, social events, and once a month themed dinner events in the restaurant. For example, in December, we had a Nutcracker themed dinner, which offered Russian foods and complimentary white Russian Cocktails. We also had a coastal dinner theme recently with crab cakes, homemade potato chips, shrimp and pita salad, and surf and turf. These are always a big hit and lots of fun.

H&W: Why do you think residents love Living at Campo Felice?

Sarah: Our residents love independent living at Campo Felice because it’s truly all-inclusive. What I hear from residents is that they love having housekeepers, they don’t have to cook (and the food is fantastic); they can even get food delivered from our restaurant if they prefer, and the architecture and design here at Campo Felice is stunning. We’re in downtown Ft Myers, so there is always something to do within walking distance. You can’t beat the location.

We do offer transportation for our residents. Our pool is a large resort-style pool for relaxing, exercising, reading, and more. We also have a lot of common areas like the terrace, which is poolside and lovely. We offer classes on the terrace as well. Campo Felice is a very special place, and the residents are like family, and they absolutely love living and thriving here in paradise.

When it comes to luxury and service, countless residents and their families agree that Campo Felice is the leader in setting standards and creating senior living spaces that are far above the rest.

Bid your worries good-bye and make carefree your new favorite word at Campo Felice!
Translated to “happy fields” in Italian, our Active 55 + Resort Style Rental Community boasts an incredible location in the Historic River District area of downtown Fort Myers, a fine selection of luxurious amenities, and splendid one and two-bedroom apartments–all in one ultra-modern high-rise building.

Enjoy a resort-inspired living experience unlike anywhere else! Some of our highlights include four uniquely designed dining venues, a sparkling swimming pool with jet spa, a 2,200-square-foot fitness center, a 49-seat movie theater, Bel Fiore Salon & Spa, a dog park, a ballroom, and more. Our dedicated services include 24-hour security and maintenance, housekeeping, complimentary breakfast, valet parking, a SUN Program calendar full of events, to name a few. Each of our open-concept units incorporates premium finishes like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer sets, ample natural sunlight, porcelain wood grain tile floors, as well as jaw-dropping skyline and river views.

Community Amenities
• Covered Parking
• 2,200 sq. ft. Fitness Center
• SUN® Program Full Calendar of Events
• Unique Dining Options
• Concierge Service
• 24 Hour On-Premises Security
• Full Riverfront Bar
• Library & Computer Lab
• Private Transportation
• Ballroom
• 49-Seat Movie Theater
• Bel Fiore Salon & Spa
• Dog Park
• Billiard Room

Live the full Campo Felice experience by taking advantage of our luxury amenities! At our Active 55+ resort style community you can do everything, from staying active in our exquisite common areas, to relaxing in the comfort of one of our luxurious one and two-bedroom apartments. Add an excellent location in the Historic River District of downtown Fort Myers, FL to the mix and you’ll feel like on a never-ending vacation.


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