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By Sujatha Ramamurthy MD –

Snowbird Program with Doctors2youMany of you have doctors up north who you trust and know. They’ve taken care of your medical needs and you depend on them to keep you well. But when you’re in Florida who do you know? Who is your doctor here? Who knows your medical history? If you get sick and need to go to the hospital who will take care of you? Who will talk to your doctors up north and to your family? Doctors to you has a Snowbird program designed to bridge the gap between you, your family, and your doctors up north to allow for continuity of care when you are far from home.  Doctors2 you can be your doctor away from home.

Doctors2you is like a string that links scattered beads to form a necklace around a disconnected health care system.

Doctors2you is a short-term transitional medical house call service that provides medical care in the home for patients that have not established with the local PCP or have been recently discharged from the hospital, SNF or rehabilitation facility. Doctors2 you will provide medical treatment to bridge the disconnect between the healthcare system and patients by having a housecall doctor visit them in their home like an office visit or after hospitalization or rehab stay and  gives patients a one-on-one connection with a doctor.  This service offers patients transitional and preventative care like you would have in your own doctors office,  it is not an emergency service.

It is covered by Medicare and most healthcare plans.

Patients are visited upon request and on an as needed basis thereafter to monitor vital signs, medication evaluation, routine bloodwork and evaluation for other homecare needs.  Home visits allow for the time to evaluate and educate each patient in their surroundings and provide a much-needed personalized care. During this transitional time we will serve as a bridge between the patient and their doctors, by having the time to explain the conditions and treatment in a way that enhances patient compliance and better health choices. It is too often we see minor problems go untreated or were overlooked and developed into emergency room visits because the patient did not have adequate follow up, or was afraid to leave their home, couldn’t get transportation, or were not able to schedule a follow up with there doctor or have not established with the doctor locally.

Many snowbirds continue to rely upon their doctor up North, may use walk in clinics, or the emergency room.  This leads to sub optimal care and follow up. And their problems and conditions may not be solved or cured.  Often at times we in the medical community forget how difficult it may be for our patients to reach us in our offices.  They may have had surgery and are unable to drive, due to pain or medications there taking, or simply do not have anyone to bring them to their appointments or get an appointment with a doctor when they need it.

They may have had their medications changed while in the hospital or facility, and are unclear what to do with the medications they already have at home. They may be set up with a homecare agency or equipment that doesn’t arrive. Being a house call physician I see the things that need to be addressed and having the ability to visit the patient in their home gives me volumes of information that can’t be seen an office visit or hospitalization.

Snowbird Program with Doctors2youDoctors2you is not a replacement for your primary care physician or your doctor up North, in fact it is working in conjunction with your doctor and specialists to reestablish a loss of connection during the time you were not able to be cared for them directly. We provide a concierge type service but do not charge additional fees, we bill your insurance company just like any other doctors office,  to retain our services all you need to do is ask. You may call our office directly, or notify a hospital representative, or the doctor that is currently taking care of you that you would like our doctors2you service in your home or call us directly at 239-332-0407.  We will do the rest to help bring everyone together for your health and you’re wellness.

Your health is important to us, don’t put off little things which may develop into big problems and limit your stay in Florida. We invite you to become part of are snowbird program and build a relationship with a doctor locally who cares about keeping you well. Welcome to Florida.

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