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The Sixth Sense of Living

By Dr. Rich Bimler, Lutheran Life Communities –

Arlington - Senior LivingLet us review what most of us, I presume, learned during our early school years. We learned that we all have five senses – sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. I regret that I have to challenge this “fact” and alert you to the reality that you and I, and all people, are not limited to only “five senses” but instead we have been gifted with six senses!

The sixth sense that has often been forgotten and ignored is our “sense of humor”! Yes, sad but true, many people, and schools, have totally missed the point that a sense of humor is what really keeps us, and the world around us, moving and bringing joy and hope to people everywhere.

Garrison Keillor, humorist, once stated that God does indeed have a sense of humor ,but the problem is that he has such a slow audience! How true, how true.

I once suggested to a Lutheran publishing company that they print my new book, titled, “The Humor of the Lutheran Church”.  I also suggested that they print it on a 3 x 5 card. I have yet to hear back from them Perhaps you are thinking of someone right now in your life that you think does not have this “sixth sense”, that sense of humor. Please, do not point him out, especially if he is sitting next to you! I suggest that people who seem to be “groan ups” and grumps in life really need to be given permission to laugh. It could be that they see life as being ½ filled or even ½ empty when instead they need help in seeing life as a bigger glass! Aging is a blessing to be celebrated and laughed at, rather than a burden to endured! Our “sixth sense” enables us to live an “ever-laughing life”! Start each morning looking in the mirror and you will always be reminded that the Lord really does have a sense of humor!

Father Andrew Greeley once said, “We are born with two incurable diseases – Life from which we die, and Hope –which says that death is not the end.” Our sense of humor enables us to deal positively with these two realities.

Author Henri Nouwen put it this way, “Hope means to keep living amid pain and desperation and to keep humming in the darkness.” Yes, our sixth sense of humor helps us to deal with the AH-HA’s and the UH-OH’s of life, because we know how it all turns out. Hope and humor over experience, every time!

So enjoy your sixth sense this day, as you also give thanks for those other five senses, even if our eyes and ears and tastes are dimming and dwindling. So what if you no longer feel or look like a “whipper-snapper” because your whipper has snapped, use this day as a day to smile and laugh and let those around you wonder what you are laughing about! And then even tell them!

About the Author
Dr. Rich Bimler, Bloomingdale, Illinois, has served the Church in various positions throughout his   49   year ministry  career. He repositioned in 2006 after serving for 15 years as  President/CEO of Wheat Ridge Ministries. He serves as the  Ambassador of  Health, Hope, and Aging (AH-HA!) for Lutheran Life Communities, Arlington Heights, Illinois.  He  continues to write, speak, and consult with other agencies and organizations throughout the world.


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