Why use a senior housing advisor

By Bruce Rosenblatt –

Why use a senior housing advisorThe other day, I went car shopping with my mother.  As we pulled into the dealership parking lot, we could see the sales people moving in on us like wounded prey. “Brace yourself, we said to each other…here they come.”  Even though the sales folks were nice and informative, it was clear what their mission was… make a sale.  Now, imagine if that car purchase was for the rest of your life. Do you think it might be helpful to have an expert with you to help you narrow down your choices, ask all the right questions, negotiate and not feel like you are being ‘sold’ something?  Of course you would.  It would be HUGE!

Shopping for a senior community in many ways is a similar process.  You first need to gather the right information and then visit the preferred ones. Yes, there could be some negotiating involved. Gathering the information is much more than looking through a glossy brochure or enjoying a lunch at the community.  It takes an expert to understand the many nuances that exists with these communities. Someone who can separate fact from fiction and someone who can provide unbiased advice about the pros and cons of each community.

This is the role of a Senior Housing advisor.
This decision to move will impact you and our family for the rest of your life, so it is wise to make sure you found the right place…the first time.  Moving is never easy and the last thing you would ever want to do is move to a community and to find out later that you have to move out or that the community you moved into is in financial trouble.

Many of the communities require an upfront entrance fee.  This investment must be looked at very carefully. An experienced senior housing advisor should be able to evaluate the community’s financial viability and provide insight about the community’s financial strength before you move in.

“People don’t know, what they don’t know.”
Some folks feel that they can do the research on their own and until Senior Housing Solutions was developed, people didn’t have a choice. They ventured out on their own and trusted that they could disseminate all the information to make a good decision. There are actually internet-based companies that advertise that they will help you for free.  As we know, nothing is ever free.  These companies have contracts with certain communities (not all), and will steer you toward the communities where they will receive a referral fee.  This obviously is not in your best interest.

Senior Housing Solutions is one of a kind in this area.  With over 30 years’ experience, Senior Housing Solutions provides valuable advice to those who are researching senior communities, assisted living, Alzheimer’s and memory care facilities. We stay current on significant operational issues, rate increases, staff turnover, availability, waiting list time frames, health care surveys and financial reports. Senior Housing Solutions helps you narrow down the choices by matching financial, lifestyle, location and care-related needs with the available options… all in the comfort of your own home.

After narrowing down the choices, Senior Housing Solutions will, if desired, schedule appointments for you, accompany you on your tours and ask questions that you may never have thought about asking. We review contracts and care agreements and help negotiate the terms of your agreement.  We help facilitate all the necessary paperwork for move in and will provide valuable insight about qualifying medically and financially.

Representation after you move in may be necessary. This could include reviewing care-related expenses, advocacy and resident rights.  We are in your corner to help you.

Senior Housing Solutions is retained by our clients and does not accept any referral fees or commissions from any of the communities we recommend in order to stay completely objective and unbiased.

In addition to be being a valuable resource , Senior Housing Solutions has developed a list of preferred senior-related providers including home health agencies, movers, Realtors, attorneys, financial advisors and health care providers. For more information, please visit our website www.seniorhousingsolutions.net  or call (239)595-0207.

Advice from the Senior Housing Advisor
• Develop a plan for your future health care needs
• Don’t wait until for crisis to occur to force you to move
• Have open and honest conversations with your family
• Become educated about your options
• Seek the advice of a senior housing expert!

Upcoming Seminar dates:
The Dollars and Sense of Senior Housing
An educational seminar about the senior housing option available in our area
Thursdays, April 10, 2014 or May 8, 2014
10:00 am – 11:30am
Naples Regional Library
650 Central Ave
Naples, FL 34102
Seating is limited. RSVP required.

The Senior Housing Trolley Tour
Visit two to three senior communities in the area and enjoy a chef-prepared lunch
Date & Time –TBD
If interested, please call (239)595-0207 to be kept informed of the date.

Senior Housing Solutions is an expert referral resource to those considering a move to a retirement community, assisted living, Alzheimer or nursing care facility. Through in-depth knowledge of all of communities in the area including vital financial and operational stability information, Senior Housing Solutions provides ‘solutions’ by matching financial, lifestyle, location and care-related needs with the available options. With over 30 years’ experience in senior housing business, Senior Housing Solutions provides unparalleled expertise to its clients whether in a crisis mode or just planning ahead. For more information, please call (239)595-0207 or visit www.seniorhousingsolutions.net.

Bruce Rosenblatt has been involved with senior housing communities for nearly 30 years, both as a consultant and executive, and has over seen over 75 senior communities throughout the country including three prominent communities in the Naples area.

Bruce is the owner of Senior Housing Solutions, a personalized consulting service that provides expert advice to those people considering a move to a senior living community.

Bruce has been on the Board of Directors of the Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida, Retirement Housing Council in Florida, Public Relations of Collier County and the Jewish Federation of Collier County. He currently is a member of the Collier County Bar Association, the Men’s Cultural Alliance, and on the Board of the Naples Interagency Council.

Bruce is considered an expert in senior housing and has spoken at many national senior-related conferences throughout the nation as well as many local groups and organizations.  Bruce and his wife have lived in SWFL for over 25 years.   bruce@seniorhousingsolutins.net

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