The Secret to Healing Wounds Fast

As we age our body’s ability to heal itself becomes less efficient.  This is natural.  Many people attempt to treat their own wounds with home remedies and end up with a bigger problem than what they started with.

Healing Wounds FastHow do I heal my wound?
Collagen is a key component of a healing wound. It is unique in the wound healing process because it acts as a structural support in the connective tissues.  A chronic wound burden among elderly has shown elevated levels of MMPs and TIMP levels in the skin leading to imbalances in collagen turnover. Collagen binds to and neutralizes the destructive proteases in the wound fluid.  This eliminates the destructive process that occurs in the tissue.  This results in the protection of growth factors and an overall increase in wound granulation and repair. In wound management collagen dressings are ideal to heal out the wound in thirty days.

Are Collagen dressings covered by my insurance?
Medicare and many commercial insurers cover all or some portion of collagen dressings along with wound care supplies for qualifying wounds with the prescription of a doctor. Getting the proper treatment for a chronic wound can eliminate out of pocket expenses towards future medical expenses.  Acute wound care is a leading provider of high end wound products as well as insurance reimbursement. Call Acute wound care today to find out more information on available wound care supplies covered by Medicare and other commercial insurers.

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