The Science of Light Medicine

What is Light Medicine you ask?

The Science of Light MedicineBarbara Cook, researcher in the Science of Light explains her work. It is the frequency of a healthy cell delivered by light to the acupuncturesystem; accessing the invisible meridian and chakra systems, capable of making deep cellular repair, reducing blockages and updating biological systems.

The Biology of Light that Einstein called Bio-photonics.
A sincerely remarkable re-discovery for the 21st century

2016 brings Ms. Cook to the 18th year of research and discovery. A dedicated researcher for the layperson’s understanding that affects dis-ease positively.

A Bio-Molecular Researcher and Photobiotic Specialist whose learning came as bodies repaired themselves in what Einstein called Photo-Repair.  A bio-molecular healer and unaccredited scientist Ms. Cook has a way of helping us understand how the body becomes off balance and unwell (epigenetics) and can then assist in its recovery.

Ms. Cook excels in the field of nanotechnology for cellular renewal, excitedly taking on what she calls non-
treatable illness. Today’s Biolight Medicine enhances the immune system to oxygenate and re-establish the cells for quick recoveries.

Earth sciences have taken a giant lead in what is referred to as Bio-Medicine, a re-discovered science that re-establishes the mitochondria of cells previously damaged or mutated.

Einstein received the Nobel Prize in 1922 for his theory on the Photo-Electric Effect Bio-Photonics, the Biology of light in the body.

Today Bio-Photonics is our Bio-medicine of the future, our Segway for pure earnest restoration of cellular tissue regulating systems and conditions. From Migraines to Facial Rejuvenations, this includes liver cells, kidney cells, everything is cellular, we are free to become well and reduce aging.

To clarify the science; the word Medicine means to assist in a healing, the word laser simply means light, and the word photo means light, as Einstein’s work depicts.  We choose safe medicine and America is choosing safe medicine too.
When the damaged tissue regenerates, it returns to the memory of the DNA blueprint.
“Many years of near reclusive study has brought us to this time where this can be taught, shared, and utilized” states Ms. Cook.

NASA claims that light is less harmful than an aspirin and 5-7 times faster healing.
So, be your own family’s health care provider.  This is the 21st century, no more barbaric procedures that do more harm than good.

We now have a remarkable Bio-photonic tool that restores tissue and cellular distortions.
If Einstein could witness his work in action he would find peace in the re-discovery of his work.

Because Ms. Cook enjoys the research that assists her clients with their disrupted health conditions, it is becoming necessary to train and qualify others in the use of Photo-biotics.

Light as Medicine has become quite a big deal from her early studies that began in 1998.  Known as the light lady in a near recluse environment the excitement of what was being learned kept the self-taught, bio-molecular researcher committed to safe medicine. Ms. Cook deepened her knowledge yearly in the antiquity of light as medicine. This re-discovered science becomes the self-health in the 21st century.

Medicine of the Future, Today
Classes and courses in Bio-Photonics begin in 2016.  We seek the dedicated to lead a new paradigm of Bio-medicine facilitators into our future.  We are safe to heal.

With Bio-Medicine we find a safer way to apply photon energy and offer the body a whole cascade of positive biological results.

Science means: Repeated and Consistent Results, everyone can expect the Same Results.  We are all of the same frequency earth, plants, animals and humans.

Since the trust levels in our society have declined so seriously our options for physical recovery and wellness seem to diminish. The reason for this is because in the technical world we are subjected to “paid research” that today is as harmful as it used to be good.

Dr. Leeor Kronik of Tel Aviv University when asked to speak in the year 2000 along with Professor Cahan to their colleagues at the European Synchrotron Research Facility in Grenoble said, “the explanation is simple, the energy wanders around until it finds a damaged cell and self-repairs; the mechanism stems from the materials’ tendency to try and stay close to the equilibrium.”

It was said, by Professor Cahan “this smart material heals itself and restores to its previous function.”

The funding for this research that narrowed the science down to a simplistic explanation was provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education Science, the Research and Technology of the Israel Ministry of Science Research and Development, The Israel Science Foundation and the Minerva Foundation. – See the calendar of events and classes that include Light Medicine Introduction and Demonstration dates. For information or appointments call 239-777-4578

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