Scananalysis… Don’t wait until your health hits the fan schedule a 60 second Scan! Wilson’s Wellness Center is exclusively offering a comprehensive HEALTH Appraisal by Scananalysis.

ScananalysisWish you were able to look inside your body from head to toe in less than 60 seconds and find out what is really going on? Your body is filled with millions and millions of cells that have an electric magnetic charge. When some cells are weakened by illness, disease and infections the cells will omit less magnetic energy. Using your body as a conductor along with the Scananalysis Scanner we can scan and report all.

What are the Benefits of a Scananalysis scan)
Scananalysis is quick, easy, non-invasive and affordable. Even though it’s not covered by insurance we offer different cost friendly packages. It gives valuable feedback as to whether your body systems are operating in normal range and also indicates any areas of weakness, vitamin/mineral deficiencies or imbalances in your body systems. The advantage of knowing this you can take steps to give your body the cellular support it needs to stay healthy and have more energy! By addressing any nutritional deficiencies and making changes in lifestyle and diet you can also monitor your improvements. It is a valuable tool for your good health.

It gives you such amazing insight to what may really be going inside your body. How many of us take vitamins and nutrients by the handfuls not knowing if they’re really supporting our true deficiencies?

What does a Session include?
The sessions are customized by the level selection ranging from 1- 41 categories. You choose the level by the issues and concerns you may be experiencing. Reported results are than reviewed to address your chief concern(s) and provide effective relief and/or preventative health plans.

Stop by & Schedule your Scananalysis Scan at
Wilson’s Wellness Center…
It’s Easy, affordable, and fast just pick your package and schedule your health appraisal scan!

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