Sarasota Specialty Pharmacy is more than just a pharmacy, it’s your gateway to multiple routes to wellness. The expert staff and owners understand that optimal health begins with the way we treat our bodies and the things we put in it and on it. That is why they are offering a special seminar to discuss the latest beauty trends and to help you navigate the waters for yourself depending on your goals and needs.

The topics are based on, beauty and optimal health and options available, which include healthy diets and exercise programs that work best for you, body sculpting, and anti-aging treatments, and much more.

EMSCULPT, a new body contouring options that is proving to be beneficial.
Body Contouring is all the rage, but the reason many people are willing to try one technique over all of the others is because of two simple facts. Firstly, it works naturally, and secondly, it works internally, not just superficially. That’s why we’re hearing about all of the celebrities trying EMSCULPT® and loving the results.

The EMSCULPT® Difference
With EMSCULPT®, it’s not just about the “fat,” it’s about building muscle in an involuntary way that triggers metabolism, increases strength and functionality, and not only makes the body appear lean and fit, it actually is stronger and trimmer due to EMSCULPT’S exclusive technology. EMSCULPT is FDA-cleared to safely and effectively build muscle, improve muscle tone, and increase strength.

EMSCULPT Procedure
The EMSCULPT procedure feels like an intensive workout of muscles in the target area being treated. The levels can be adjusted and gradually increased during the course of the treatment. Most patients enjoy lying down and relaxing during the non-invasive procedure.

Patients feel the tightening and lifting effects immediately after the treatment, which feels similar to an intense workout. Within just a few short weeks (2-4) after the last session in the series, patients will see major because the underlying muscles require time to strengthen fully. The body gradually and naturally eliminates fat cells that are destroyed through apoptosis during the series of treatments, and results continue to improve for weeks to months after the treatment series. One round of EMSCULPT treatment can increase lean muscle by up to 16% and reduce fat by up to 19% in the treated area. There is minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Microneedling
Advanced Microneedling with PRP is a unique technique that allows your own PRP to be delivered into the dermis layer of your skin with tiny puncture. The Dermis layer is where most of our collagen is, and it is responsible for several biological functions, one of which is to provide structural support in connective tissue, muscle, and skin. Collagen is the protein responsible for skin elasticity. Platelet Rich Plasma is taken from the patient’s own blood, spun down and reintroduced into the face just like a filler to create and stimulate your body’s own growth factors.

In aesthetics, PRP is highly-sought after due to its remarkable ability to aid in healing tissues, cell growth and regeneration, the formation of new capillaries (angiogenesis), and stimulating collagen production. PRP produces collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and plumps the skin.

Botox & Fillers
Along with making you look years younger, if you’re feeling a little weighed down by the laxity of your facial muscles, wrinkles, or sagging skin, both injectable dermal fillers and Botox can help you look years younger and to halt some of the new wrinkle formation that might take place. If you’re in need of a little rejuvenation, the simplicity of dermal fillers can plump the skin, give you a more youthful pout, or lift specific areas of the face and neck. Many times, this is referred to as a liquid facelift. Botox and other injectable treatments soften stubborn lines and wrinkles, like crow’s feet and the furrows between the brows. Fillers help restore your youthful fullness, shape, and stimulate collagen production lost during the aging process.

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