Safety First

Safety FirstContrary to what Hollywood portrays, aging can be a wonderful thing. Getting to see our children grow up into mature adults and live out their goals is a very rewarding process. One of the main purposes on this earth, besides our own happiness, is to pass our knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. “Leave this place better than we found it” is a great slogan to live by. However, as we age, even simple tasks may become more daunting and even risky to our health.

Although moving to an assisted living facility can be beneficial to you and your family, it is usually viewed as the last resort. Most people prefer to stay in their own home for as long as possible. Making the home safe for you or an elderly relative can help extend a lifestyle that is both familiar and comfortable. Sometimes it is hard to come to terms with difficult facts, but the number one cause of death for seniors is falling. A broken hip bone can have a difficult time healing due to the age of the individual; which can lead to further complications. In order to keep “home” a safe place, there are definitely some basic changes that must be made.

In case of a fire, it is important to keep an escape route clear of obstacles. Like all home safety plans, this is always at the top of the list, because it can be the most extreme emergency we can encounter. Next, keep all the fire alarms in working order with good batteries. Our sense of smell can diminish over time, so the ability to detect fire on our own is at risk. When night falls, being able to see is crucial. Even in a familiar house, adding light switches for more convenience is helpful. There are lights that can be turned on and off by a clap reducing the amount of time searching in the dark for a switch. Nightlights in high travel areas are a simple solution to avoiding furniture while getting up for a midnight feast or bathroom trip.

You can decrease the risk of falling by getting rid of loose or slippery carpets. If an elderly person uses a cane or walker, you can add or clean the rubber at the bottom to keep firm resistance. Non-skid floor wax is a good addition to tile or wood floor. Loose wires should also be straightened up and kept out of the way. All these changes might seem small, but every accident is usually caused by something small and overlooked.

These safety tips have been brought to you by Banyan Assisted Living. Their main goal is to see that everyone stays in their home in a safe and responsible way. However, if you or a loved one are ever in a position to seek out alternative living arrangements, please
contact them at (941) 412-4748. Their facility revolves around safety and comfort and is located in Venice at 100 Base Avenue East.
You can also visit their website at

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