RTR Urology is Proud to Have Welcomed Dr. Carl Klutke, Board Certified Urological Surgeon, to Their Team.

RTR Urology is Proud to Have Welcomed Dr. Carl KlutkeThe addition of Dr. Klutke enables RTR to help more people live comfortably by relieving urological issues, including incontinence, frequent urination, urinary tract infections, and others.

Incontinence is the medical term used to describe the loss of control over when or where we go to the bathroom. It is a sign that something is wrong – some part of the bowel control system is not working as it should and medical treatment should be sought.

Unless asked specifically about it, individuals often are reluctant to disclose urological symptoms – even when talking to their own physician. This reluctance can make it difficult to obtain accurate estimates of the true prevalence of incontinence. The results, and criteria, from several studies vary in reported prevalence of incontinence. A good estimate is that it affects nearly 20-35% of Americans, with prevalence much higher among older adults living in care facilities.

Although the occurrence of bowel incontinence is quite common and affects people of all ages, many people suffer in silence with the symptoms because of embarrassment. If the symptoms become frequent enough, people may isolate themselves for fear of having an accident in public or around friends and family.

Contrary to what most believe, incontinence is not a normal part of aging, neither is leaking a little urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh. When men and women begin experiencing stool incontinence it can be very distressing. Repeated urinary tract infections does not mean that you are simply prone to them, they can be stopped. Constant pressure can cause a frequent urge to urinate and painful sexual intercourse. The source of the problem can be diagnosed and treated successfully when medical advice is sought.

There are several effective treatment options available for various urological conditions. Early treatment, at any age, can offer a better quality of life for years to come. Urological problems do not discriminate, if you or a loved one has any of the symptoms discussed above, know that treatment is available and what you are experience is not simply part of aging.

Dr. Klutke and the team at RTR Urology offers treatments that include topical estrogen, fitting of a pessary, and physical therapy, which can help strengthen the pelvic floor. Recent advancements and treatment options include Botox and Biofeedback. Botox injections act as a neuromuscular blocker and relax the bladder, reducing incontinence by relieving the pressure and urge to void.

Dr. Klutke has developed a unique approach to eliminating stress incontinence with an outpatient surgical procedure that only requires small incisions. By placing a thin ribbon of synthetic material below the urethra to help compress and support it, accidental leaking can be prevented. Using local anesthetic allows for an intraoperative cough test to help determine the amount of tension Dr. Klutke puts on the sling during the procedure. This type of biofeedback helps produce a greater success rate for his patients.
Dr. Klutke is well known for his interpersonal communication skills and vast knowledge on finding the correct approach to proper diagnosis of urological issues. He is a firm believer that treating patients can not be a one-size-fits-all approach. From experience, he and his team feel strongly that proper communication with patients is vital for a successful outcome and better quality of life.

Dr. Klutke’s team includes two Nurse Practitioners with years of experience. Elina Belilovskiy, MSN ARNP, has years of experience, and specialized training in women’s health, plus incontinence and pelvic pain issues that affect both men and women. Since 2006 she has been utilizing physical therapy practices to enhance muscle strength and overall health of the pelvic floor. Elina joined RTR Urology in 2013 and performs all the complicated urodynamic testing and enjoys a practice of patients who have a wide range of urologic problems.

Coletta Boyle, MSN ARNP, has an extensive background in leadership roles, and businesses management practices. She has decades of experience in the hospital setting. Her last role was as an ACU nurse at Venice Regional. Her years of caring for sick patients is what drove her to become an ARNP, and start her own practice. Coletta joined RTR in 2011, and quickly established herself as the resource for urologic problems for patients, peers, staff and physicians. She enjoys spending time listening to her patients, and then has the unquestionable ability to confer with RTR physicians, who always take the time to listen and teach.

Both Elina and Coletta consider themselves very fortunate to work every day with such great physicians, people and patients. They are very compassionate about helping their patients find a better quality of life, and take great joy seeing them as they travel through their successes.

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