Reverse Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Inflammation NATURALLY!

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Learn about YOLLO Therapy and their treatments for these debilitating diseases. Whether you are tired of trying unsuccessful traditional treatment options or you are looking to avoid a treatment plan full of medications, following the individualized protocol developed by the team at YOLLO will help you take control of your health in a natural way.

“You Only Live Life Once. Those were the words accentuated by YOLLO Wellness owner, Wendy Law, the day I found out about the natural healing alternatives available at YOLLO Wellness,” exclaims Jane, a 56 year old Local Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner.

Unfortunately there are many people like Jane who suffer from chronic multi-joint and other systemic neuropathic pain. Having exhausted all traditional medicine treatments and never fully eliminating the pains, more and more people are turning to alternative holistic natural treatments for their health issues.

“I’d heard about hyperbaric therapy as one possible option that YOLLO offers.  I made an appointment with Wendy to learn more about this therapy and the other services available at YOLLO. After speaking with Wendy I was excited to learn about the other homeopathic interventions in addition to the hyperbaric treatments, which are all individually designed to treat the body from the inside out.”

The YOLLO team has developed the ultimate protocol that has helped many people gain back their health, some after years of following traditional treatment options and taking an overabundance of prescription medications.

Which foods and chemicals are causing your inflammation?
The first step in achieving optimal health naturally is to have an ALCAT food and environmental test. The ALCAT test identifies cellular reactions to over  350 irritants. The inflammatory reactions caused by certain irritants are linked to numerous chronic health problems. The core technology of the ALCAT test measures the body’s cellular response to challenges from a wide array of substances including foods, additives and colorings, molds, and environmental chemicals. The body responds to foreign or irritating substances by releasing chemicals and white blood cells to attempt to rid the body of these substances. This release of chemicals increases the blood flow and results in swelling and pain. Not all swelling is physically noticeable on the outside, the inflammation could be occurring inside the body causing unexplained pain. Toxins and food sensitivities are among the top causes of internal inflammation. The ALCAT test clearly outlines which foods and environmental toxins irritate your cells. Knowing this, you can choose to avoid the irritants that are causing your inflammation.

“My spouse and I decided to have the comprehensive sensitivity/intolerance ALCAT test to help determine what we should be avoiding. We were both tested so we could support each other through what has now become a new and healthier lifestyle for us.  We recently learned this while on vacation as food selection was challenging at best and we had to keep each other focused on what foods were most beneficial to us. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!  The result—we’re avoiding conditions in our bodies leading toward inflammation. Inflammation presents itself individually in many different ways and it slows you down. The results from the ALCAT test can be overwhelming but it is certainly worth it to heed the advice following the test. You may have to give up some foods you thought were good for you, but you will feel better than you have in years!”

Proper supplementation is important.
Once you learn which foods and toxins to avoid, it is equally important to learn which foods, vitamins and nutrients your body needs for optimal health. No two bodies are the same. Just because your spouse needs extra Vitamin C does not mean you do. Proper supplementation is important to help eliminate inflammation. Inflammation and disease is your body screaming at you because it is breaking down due to lack of proper nutrients. There are multiple sources of information being fed to you each day claiming certain vitamins are important for this and that. With so much propaganda out there concerning supplements, it is easy to get confused, frustrated and overwhelmed as to which supplements your body needs.

“Along with additional dietary supplements recommended through consultation with a partnering naturopathic specialist, the result has been positive.  I’m now experiencing more energy—I feel like my food is finally working for me, not against me, and supplying my body with the necessary supplements that have contributed to enhanced digestion, decreased systemic inflammation causing multi-joint pain, and the promotion of a little weight loss!  Educationally, I’ve been enlightened as to what I’m putting into my body.  This new dietary change causes you to look at the ingredients in every item purchased.  Processed food is out, for better health everyone needs to get back to the basics!”

At YOLLO Wellness you can schedule a consultation with a Naturalpathy to discuss your specified regimen. YOLLO Wellness provides access to a nutritionally oriented M.D. who can help you decide what you need to know about supplements or hormones that might be beneficial to your health. The doctor can make suggestions or answer your questions regarding prescription medications and potential vitamin/herbal drug interactions.

Live Cell Analysis detects nutritional deficiencies.
The Nutritional Blood Analysis, also known as the Live Cell Analysis, shows you what your cells look like and how they react to what you are eating. This analysis will detect nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, parasites, bacteria and other health related concerns. This type of analysis helps develop a picture of your digestion which can cause acid reflux, skin and hair disorders, fatigue and much more.  Being able to see your cells offers invaluable insight into helping determine what is needed to help you start healing from the inside out and ensure your body is functioning properly at the cellular level.

Live blood analysis is an increasingly popular alternative way of analyzing blood because a person gets to see how their blood is really behaving inside their veins. Conventional blood tests given by the doctor or hospital has disadvantages because half an hour after the cells are taken from the body the cells are dead therefore they cannot reveal information that live blood analysis can such as immune system activity. Among other phenomenon that can be observed are: yeast, fungus, mold, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, sugar intolerances, allergies, mineral deficiencies, , parasites, gastro-intestinal tract dysfunction and much more.

Oxygen Therapy really does offer numerous benefits.
Oxygen is the element most vital to sustaining human life. More essential than food or water, oxygen feeds the body and provides protection against a variety of harmful agents. This essential element gives the athlete stamina, helps the injured heal and protects everyone from environmental toxins. The Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at YOLLO Wellness provides a highly effective way to increase the volume of oxygen in the blood, thus increasing the many beneficial effects oxygen has on the body.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen inside a pressurized compartment—it actually increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry.  An increase in blood oxygen temporarily restores normal levels of blood gasses and  tissue function to promote healing and fight infection.  This therapy stimulates the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.  When tissue is injured, more oxygen is required for tissues to normalize in their function.  As such, hyperbaric therapy is used to treat many conditions.

“Over a period of 60 days, the oxygen treatments provided me unexpected benefits.  I found less fluid retention to both of my lower extremities, to include a hastened recovery (shortened by two weeks) from a ruptured Baker’s Cyst that had caused fluid to shift down into my calf causing resultant swelling/pain with movement.  Other benefits from the hyperbaric treatments reversed my natural hair loss—it was actually getting thicker!  In addition, my skin was smoother and more radiant. I attribute all of these benefits in part to the oxygen therapy.”

Mild Hyperbaric treatments do require a prescription from your MD, DO or DC .If you need assistance obtaining a prescription, the YOLLO team can help with that.

“You truly DO only live life once.  I told her I’d do whatever she and her colleagues recommended.  My life has changed as a result.” The friendly and knowledgeable health team at YOLLO Wellness is ready to help you start and continue your journey to natural optimal health. You deserve to be healthy, happy and pain free.


. ALCAT Platinum Panel which include
daily food plans
. Blood draw
. Consultation with Nutritionist (12 months)
. Live Cell Blood Analysis for digestion
. Consultation with Naturopathy
about supplements
. 4 mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Dives (prescription from your doctor)
. Consultation with ALCAT Specialist

. Full Body DITI Scan
. Platinum ALCAT Panel which includes daily food plan
. ALCAT Platinum Panel
. Blood draw
. Consultation with ALCAT Specialist
. Consultation with Nutritionist (12 months)
. 2 Live Cell Blood Analysis for digestion
. Consultation with Naturopathy about supplements
. 30 mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Dives (prescription from your doctor)
. 30 Day supply of supplements (up to 400.00)

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