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Refresh Your SkinAnd look your best for the upcoming holiday season –

Now that the summer is over, it’s time to take a good look at your skin. Even with good sunscreen, it’s easy to develop brown spots, discoloration, dullness and dehydrated skin after a summer of sun and fun. Autumn is a great time to refresh skin care routines and make healthy skin a top priority.

Skin is something that requires constant care and attention, no matter what age you are. Young skin, while having great tone and radiance, must battle congestion and hormonal breakouts. Post-teenage skin then needs to protect and take preventative measures against environmental and age factors so that it remains in its best state. Older and more mature skin then requires intensive moisturizing, plumping creams and lotions and protective products to keep it as supple as possible since it is losing natural collagen and elasticity at a much faster rate. There are relatively simple and very effective ways of keeping skin refreshed and healthy looking, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Keep your skin healthy and looking refreshed using Visão MD™ products available at Facial Esthetique.

Visão MD™ offers Cleanse, Rescue, Strengthen, Protect, and Professional Products

Visão MD™ Cleansing Products are formulated with unique combinations of the highest performing natural ingredients to lift away impurities, gently exfoliate dead surface cells, balance pH and oil production, and reduce inflammation.

Visão MD™ Rescue Products were formulated with the purpose of health and youth restoration in mind. Correcting the signs of environmental damage and aging with highly active formulas created to exfoliate, repair, renew and even skin tone.

Visão MD™ Strengthen Products provide advanced protection against environmental damage and aging. Skin strengthening is achieved via the combination of multifunctional, highly active ingredients, which protect against UV stress, increase collagen production and hydration, improve skin firmness and tonicity, while reducing inflammation and free radical damage.

Visão MD™ Protect Products were designed to nourish, hydrate, and provide ultimate broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Improved firmness and softening the skin’s surface reveals a more youthful appearance.

Effective Skin Care Requires
Professional Guidance
The team at Facial Esthetique is dedicated to partnering with top quality brands to provide you the safest, most effective professional and at home skin care solutions. Obtaining skin care guidance from a medical esthetician, who is skilled in treating various skin types and conditions, will ensure the design of a regimens that is best for you. Through medically directed skin care under the direction of Dr. Eric Reed, Facial Esthetique can help you turn back the hands of time to healthier, youthful skin.

Your understanding and involvement is the key to a successful cosmetic treatment.  It is our goal that you feel warm, welcomed, supported and educated before, during and after your treatments. We offer one-on-one consultations to address your individual needs and concerns. Our esthetician then makes recommendations based on those needs to offer the most effective results.

Grace Reed, Medical Esthetician
Grace has been a Certified Surgical Assistant for 22 years and expanded her functions as a Certified Medical Esthetician. Grace has been exposed to a wide range of surgical procedures. She has a Bachelor of Science with a well-rounded liberal and business background. In addition to her education she has extensive training in medical based skin care. This provides her with a unique mix of clinical, scientific, and practical experience. Working with progressive, board certified surgeons in New York and Florida has helped her gain a greater understanding of the skin and its underlying structure. Grace enjoys educating and caring for patients through the pre-operative and post-operative phases of their treatment. Through this unique process she has developed a keen understanding of the vital importance that skin care has on the patients overall well-being and their youthful appearance.

The skin must be in a healthy state in order to delay the onset of aging, and that is what Grace strives to achieve.

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