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Reducing Back Pain Symposium: You’re Invited to Attend an Educational Lecture Presented by Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Dr. Corey Girdwood

Reducing Back Pain Symposium: You’re Invited to Attend an Educational Lecture Presented by Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Dr. Corey GirdwoodOn May 18th Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy and Dr. Corey Girdwood of Coastal Chiropractic will be hosting an informative

seminar for individuals suffering from back pain. This presentation will explain the causes of back pain, provide tips and tricks to reduce back pain during everyday activities and review the most common treatments for back pain including Aquatic Therapy and Chiropractic care. There will be food catered by Panera. Preregistration is required.

Some of the common questions and answers will be covered, and you will hear about innovative treatment options and the latest most advanced therapy available to strengthen your muscles, joints, and spine.

Your sleeping positions have a lot to do with the health of your spine:
• When sleeping on your side, put a small pillow between your knees.
• When sleeping on your back, use a pillow under your knees

Standing for extended periods of time can be stressful on your back:
• To stand properly you must
• Bear weight primarily on the balls of your feet
• Keep your knees slightly bent
• Keep your feet about shoulder width apart

Sitting with good posture is critical to your back’s functioning:
• Sit in a chair with a straight back
• Sit in a chair with an adjustable height
• Make sure the chair has arm rests
• Put a rolled towel behind the lower part of your back
• Rest your foot on a foot stool
• Sit with 90 degree flexion at the hips, knees and ankles

In our busy world, taking breaks is more important than most people would like to admit:
• If sitting or standing more than 20 minutes take a break
• If you have pain while sitting through a T.V show for example, make a plan to walk the perimeter of the room every other commercial break

Lifting objects:
• Get close to the object you are lifting
• Bend with your knees
• Lift with your leg and stomach muscles
• Don’t twist as you lift

Wear comfortable shoes:
• Back pain can start at your feet specifically with the shoes you are wearing
• High heels can throw off alignment and add extra stress and strain on the lower back

Along with pain medications, chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, and surgery, there are other alternatives that many people are unaware of; one, in particular, is exceptionally beneficial at relieving back pain and tension: Aquatic Therapy.

Aquatic therapy is done in the water, and the water is magical. The magic lies in the water’s support for the body (Buoyancy), water’s resistance to movement, and water’s incredible freshness.

• Buoyancy helps people with load sensitive joints perform exercises with less stress and pain on the joints
• The force of buoyancy counterbalances gravity
• When you are in chest deep water, you are only 20% weight bearing on your joints and spine
• This provides a pain-free environment and gives you the opportunity to perform exercises that were too difficult on land.

At Freedom Rehab, all patients perform a portion of their exercises in chest deep water. The entire workout provides a reduced weight bearing experience. Freedom Rehab’s pool averages 92 degrees so that you will experience a thermal effect.

Thermal effect:
• Exercise and relaxation in warm water provides a thermal effect which can alter tone, arousal, muscle spasm, and pain.
• The thermal properties of water reduce muscle guarding to increase range of motion.
• Increased range of motion is required to build strength

Balance is easier in the water:
• In the water, patients may be challenged beyond limits of stability in the water without the fear of consequences of falling often present with land-based balance training
• This environment leads to improvement in balance reactions and reduces the risk of falls
• If you lose your balance on land you may break a hip; if you lose it in the water you will only get wet
• Every Freedom Rehab patient performs balance exercises such as heel to toe walking which is like walking a tightrope or single leg kicks

Resistance Training:
• Strengthening your muscles can help you stand taller with better posture which reduces strain on your back
• Leg strengthening can help you perform daily activities such as lifting with better form and less back strain
• Arm strengthening can make everyday tasks such as housework easier and allows you to carry items with proper body mechanics, which reduces strainon your back
• Every Freedom Rehab patient performs arm and leg exercises with dumbbells and if tolerated ankle weights

Freedom Rehab Aquatic Therapy
Come and exercise in the pool to see if it’s something that could benefit you and help relieve your pain and stiffness.


May 18th | 11:00 am
Morgan Center
6207 W. Price Blvd., North Port

Please reserve your seat in advance by calling 941-400-1505

*By attending the seminar with Dr. Corey Girdwood of Coastal Chiropractic, new patients will receive one free aquatic therapy session with Freedom Rehab on a first come first serve basis.


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