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FDA Approved Treatment for Knee Arthritis Offered Locally

Proven Knee Arthritis TreatmentCurrently, an estimated 27 million people suffer from know osteoarthritis making it one of the most common causes of disability in the U.S. It is estimated by the year 2030, 72 million Americans will be at high risk for osteoarthritis. Patients with chronic joint pain often think nothing can be done to help them except surgery.

A person with knee pain knows how often it gets in the way of doing the things they want and need to do in daily life. Because the knee is a weight bearing joint, knee pain affects almost everything we do that requires mobility, including those things most of us have usually taken for granted.

For many knee pain makes it hurt to walk, stand, stoop, get out of a chair, or to go up and down stairs. Additionally, routine activities of living, work, social and recreational activities are often inhibited, restricted or avoided because of knee pain.

If you have tried other treatments and experienced little to no relief, you may still be a candidate for our treatment program. Call (239) 687-2165 to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today!

At Physicians Rehabilitation, it’s very important to understand we are not just addressing knee pain. Our goal is to give you the best chance we possibly can of preventing knee replacement surgery in the future, which is what knee arthritis frequently evolves into if left undetected and unaddressed. We are proud to offer a less invasive approach to relieving knee pain to avoid surgery.

For this reason, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a candidate for Hyalgan treatment for knee arthritis, you can always have more radical procedures preformed later if necessary. However with knee replacement surgery, once done there is no turning back to a more conservative approach. Knee replacement surgery is indeed necessary for some people with extreme conditions that Hyalgan is unable to help, but as we have seen with many of our patients a total knee replacement is a very extreme measure to take without considering all your options for a condition as common as knee arthritis.

Will Insurance cover this Treatment?
Yes, most major insurances and Medicare will pay for this treatment.

What are other people saying about it?
“My knee feels great. I had already had a total knee replacement and wanted to try something rather than go through another painful surgery and difficult recovery. After completing the program, I can now dance again which I have not done in years, and my lifestyle is on its way back to normal.”
-Elizabeth B.

So what are you waiting for?
Pick up the phone and call us today at (239) 768-6396 to schedule your No-Cost, No-Obligation, consultation at one of our two convenient locations. The demand for this procedure has been overwhelming. We’ve added extra lines to accommodate your calls, so if our line is busy, or you are directed to voice mail, please leave a message or call back. Living pain free and getting your life back is well worth the phone call.

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