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Do You Have A Protrusion On Your Big Toe? Find Out How You Can Get Rid Of The Pain For Good.

Do You Have A Protrusion On Your Big Toe? Find Out How You Can Get Rid Of The Pain For Good.More women than men experience the painful boney growth on their big toe, known as a bunion, or Hallux Valgus.

One of the leading causes of a bunion is from wearing shoes that are too tight, too narrow or too high. All of this causes pressure on your toe joint, which in turn starts to ache, become fluid filled and can have boney growths.

Uniquely, bunions can also be hereditary and run in families, especially in females, generation after generation. A form of arthritis can also cause these painful, red, boney, growths.

What are your options?
For a conservative approach, many individuals will start out trying to alleviate their pain by wearing more comfortable shoes, or by wearing gel toe inserts that help keep the toes in the proper alignment. Icing the foot can help to tamp down inflammations, as well as taking NSAID’s (ibuprofen) as needed to lessen the discomfort.

When the conservative approach begins to stop working, which is not unusual, as most bunions fail to heal on their own, surgery is the definitive answer. Surgery can be performed using minimally invasive techniques or more aggressive surgery depending on the severity of the bone, joint, and tendon dysfunction.

Surgery can include removing boney spurs, removing part of the toe bone, relieving tension on ligaments an tendons, realigning and reconnecting the joint and bones.

A podiatrist will evaluate your symptoms and pain level, and from there create an individualized plan for your best treatment options. They will provide you with the best solution for your needs.

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It’s important to be evaluated by a Board Certified Podiatrist if you’re experiencing any type of foot pain. At Collier Podiatry, Dr. Michael Petrocelli has been practicing podiatric medicine for well over 20 years. He is an expert in his field

Along with bunion treatment, Collier Podiatry will provide you with personalized instructions on the necessary amount of rest, stretching exercises and home care to get you back to doing what you love.

The caring supportive staff at Collier Podiatry is available to answer your questions and make your appointment. Please visit their website at, or call them at (239) 775-0019

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