The Many Pros of Invisalign!

InvisalignMany of us can remember those embarrassing years when metal was cemented to our teeth. It was common among our peers to one day show up looking like Jaws from James Bond. At that time, appearances meant everything. We were smart enough to understand that to get a movie star smile; a little suffering was required. Eventually the kidding would die down, but the discomfort in the mouth would linger. If these are some of the reasons that you have avoided a trip to an orthodontist, Invisalign will change your mind.

Mouth reconstruction has many more pros than cons. A person with an overbite, crooked teeth, or a jaw that is out of alignment can experience severe headaches as a result. A straight, healthy smile can eliminate jaw and mouth pain. Straighter teeth can also reduce the amount of bad bacteria that accumulates over time. As most know, flossing helps get rid of plaque and food particles that allow bacteria to grow. If anyone has attempted to floss with crooked teeth, they know how difficult it can be. The obvious benefit of mouth reconstruction is an attractive smile that can boost self-esteem. Setting aside the end result, braces are sometimes frustrating and they make the art of flossing problematic. After biting into something hard, a bracket or piece of metal might become dislodged and poke inside the mouth.

Some of these exact complaints are responsible for Invisalign’s popularity. Similar to a retainer, Invisalign is a sturdy appliance that places a low, steady amount of pressure on the teeth. This pushes them into their proper positions. Finally, the world of mouth reconstruction has made it easier for people to jump on board. Invisalign is worn all day, except while eating. Aftaer brushing and flossing, it is reinserted into the mouth to continue straightening the teeth. Invisalign actually lessens the risk of gum problems, as well.

It is clear and hardly noticeable to the public. Invisalign allows the procedure of straightening teeth to become simple and less uncomfortable around peers. The fact that the patient can eat whatever they want is a huge selling point. Standard braces cannot withstand hard foods or anything that might break a bracket. Invisalign allows the consumption of any food. However, because the patient needs to brush and floss after each meal, snacking less seems to be an added benefit.

29% of people say that a person’s smile is the first characteristic that they notice when first introduced. Additionally, 24% of people say that this is the facial feature remembered most after a meeting.

We all want to be able to show off our “pearly whites”. The memory of your smile should be a positive one. Your success, health, and social life may depend on it. In fact, 36% of people believe that those with straight teeth are perceived to be more intelligent, successful, healthy, and have a better personality.

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