Professional Cancer Coaching… Build A Winning Team to Beat Cancer & Live Your Best Life NOW!

By Beth Marlow, Certified Professional Cancer Coach & Holistic Nutritional Counselor in Ft. Myers, FL –

Professional Cancer CoachingCancer is quickly becoming the # 1 killer in the world today and the latest statistics are alarming. It has been projected that 1 out of every 7 women in America will develop breast cancer, and another recent projection states that 3 out of every 4 Americans will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. You’ve heard the saying “Knowledge is Power”, well, now is the time to empower yourself with information about the latest innovative cancer therapy aid called “Cancer Coaching”.  The National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches is a qualified group of professionally trained Cancer Coaches who provide comprehensive, evidence-based strategies for cancer patients and those interested in cancer prevention. Certified Cancer Coaches are the new weapons in the war against cancer. They are registered and licensed health care professionals and Nutritionists who are trained and Certified in both conventional and holistic cancer therapies, otherwise known as “Integrative Cancer Therapy” techniques.

Integrating Natural and Holistic healing therapies helps patients experience a higher quality of life and recovery, as well as teaching health minded individuals lifestyle habits for enhanced cancer prevention. The NCI reports that 75 % of U.S. cancer deaths are caused by poor diet and lifestyle habits. And roughly 42% of chemotherapy patients die from malnutrition, not the cancer.  Based on these statistics, the importance of professional nutrition & lifestyle guidance from a qualified Cancer Coach is vitally important!   As you deal with cancer, you face numerous and difficult challenges, so having a Cancer Coach to help guide, support and assist you can be a valuable tool in your fight against cancer.

The focus of Cancer Coaching will be completely on YOU and what your specific health needs are at any given moment. Your Cancer Coach will be your personal support, advocate, mentor, strategist, sounding board, Nutritionist and cancer educator, preparing a specific customized therapy plan to strengthen you during and after your recovery.  Some of the natural healing therapies your Cancer Coach can provide are:
. A full Nutritional Assessment & Lifestyle assessment. Your assessments are followed up with a full Nutritional program tailored to your specific health issues.
. One-on-One instruction on how to follow the Anti-Cancer Alkaline Diet, complete with grocery lists, sample meal plans and recipes.
. Customization  of  a  specific Supplement/

Vitamin program for your individual health issues and/or type of cancer.

. Full body Detoxification Programs, using such therapies as Infra-Red Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Detox foot baths, Herbal supplements and specific nutritional protocols such as macro juice smoothies.

. Improved Nutritional health and an active strategy to encourage remission and reduce the side effects from your cancer and any treatment you elect to have. Cancer Coaches can include in-home prep for food and juicing instruction if needed. Also, your emotional health will be paramount in your coaching care.

. Cancer Education. You can ask anything about your cancer and its options. The answers are taken from current scientific and evidence based findings for your particular diagnosis, pathology report and blood work that you have had done by your doctor. You will be educated on what you can do to encourage recovery, discourage secondary cancers and recurrent cancers post-remission. Cancer Coaches can also recommend adjunct therapies & schedule therapy referrals.

. Helping you discover your personal strengths and find your inner WARRIOR! Sometimes it takes a crisis before we learn the truth about our capabilities. Your Cancer Coach can help you reap the rewards of your unexpected power as you become aware that you are stronger, more courageous and more capable than you ever imagined.  They will help you look inward to determine your life goals and dare to live your dreams!

Here are 3 steps your Cancer Coach can assist you with on the road to finding your “Inner Warrior”:
1. GET FOCUSED – Make a decision…then let NOTHING distract you from the mission of achieving the health and happiness you deserve.

2. GET A GAME PLAN – Lay out the strategies you will use to win the battle. Your Cancer Coach will help you construct a plan that increases your strength, boosts your Immune System and turns on your body’s own healing mechanisms every single day.

3. MOVE INTO ACTION – Everything comes down to action. Your Cancer Coach will help you create an action plan and mindset by scheduling the activities and therapies that continuously propel you in the direction of achieving your goal of total wellness.

Dealing with cancer can be difficult, but your Cancer Coach can help you learn how to use Integrated & Natural Healing Therapies to become a SURVIVOR … a VICTOR, not a victim – courageous, strong and capable. As you work together in partnership with your Cancer Coach as a unified team, you will regain a sense of control and take the first step toward launching the life you’ve always dreamed of!  Cancer Coaching is available in both short-term or long-term packages for a range of fees for single sessions up to a 6-week course and beyond, with house calls and/or hospital visits available.  If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, or have recently recovered from cancer, or are interested in preventing cancer, then consider getting a Professional Cancer Coach to help you navigate through your health crisis and achieve the lasting health and wellness you deserve.

Beth Marlow is a Certified Professional Cancer Coach practicing in Ft. Myers, FL at Spa USA and

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