Prepare Your Body for Summer

Activities with a Combination of  Stretching and Massage Therapy

– By Dr. Vivian Ebert –

massage therapyStaying fit during the hot summer months comes with a long list of unique challenges and obstacles, but staying injury free can take even more of an effort when you introduce new, summer-specific activities like basketball, softball and golfing into your fitness routine. Now that the summer activity season is in full swing, take steps today to warm up and loosen your muscles so you can hit the field or the course pain free, as well as minimize after-activity soreness and fatigue.

Stretching and Massage Can Help You Remain Injury Free
Before teeing up this summer or lacing up your shoes to hit the court with your kids, it is important to incorporate a combination of regular stretching and therapeutic massage sessions for an active and injury free summer season. The key to keeping active during the summer months and staying off your family’s injured list is to focus on body flexibility and lengthening your muscles in the pre-season. Many of the popular summertime activities (cycling, tennins and running) physically impact your lower body, thereby creating a need for you to focus your stretching and strength efforts on hip, hamstring and trunk/lower back flexibility.

Two Common Types of Stretching
According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, there are two common types of stretching – static stretching and dynamic stretching – that are good for promoting overall flexibility. Research indicates that holding a static stretch for 20-30 seconds allows your muscles time to relax and elongate, thereby increasing joint range of motion. Dynamic stretching on the other hand includes low intensity exercises that mimic sport specific movements. These types of stretches are good for warming up your body prior to a sports activity, as they help increase circulation, reduce muscle tightness and help your nervous system’s ability to contract muscles forcefully.

Start Stretching and Massage Regimen Early in the Season
To kick off your summer regimen, it’s a good idea to combine consistent stretching sessions with routinely scheduled monthly massages 8-12 weeks prior to the start of your favorite summertime activity.

Regular therapeutic massages prior to your desired activity allow your body to release the toxins found in tight muscles, while increasing overall flexibility and circulation. Additionally, your massage therapist can assess and monitor your body’s flexibility range, while suggesting specific stretches and other techniques that will focus on lengthening and strengthening your body’s problem areas.

Massage: Your Go-To Strategy Whether you are preparing yourself for family fun summer activities or recovering from a summertime sports injury or accident, therapeutic massage sessions combined with a consistent stretching regimen should be your go-to strategy for minimizing aches and pains this summer season. Call Living Well Chiropractic today to schedule your summer season massage therapy sessions at 239-498-2225 or visit our website at:

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