PharmiCareA compounding pharmacy can offer unique services that a traditional pharmacy cannot. Traditional pharmacies like Walgreens or CVS receive their drugs, creams, and ointments already mixed and prepackaged. Whereas, compounding pharmacies create unique recipes right at the store that are personalized for each individual. Once a physician determines the exact mix of medications or hormones that are required, the prescription is given to the compound pharmacy for mixing. This isn’t really a new phenomenon; in fact, until the late 20th century most drugs were compounded right at the neighborhood pharmacy. It wasn’t until the last several decades that national chains began to operate with a “one size fits all” mentality.

There are many advantages of onsite compounding. If a person has difficulty swallowing pills for example, making a liquid form of the medication can be a great benefit to them. Dyes or additives may be found in a pill that is prepackaged. With the ability to use the raw ingredients and bypass the prepackaged form, pharmacists can avoid possible allergic reactions for their patients. In some cases, a particular medication may have been taken off the market due to declining sales. With a compounding pharmacy, you might have the ability to still receive treatment; even if it is not in the prepackaged form.

In Oklahoma, a case was reported of a child with chronic diarrhea and diaper rash. The infant’s parents followed their doctor’s instructions and administered the recommended drug in the baby’s formula, but the child wasn’t able to tolerate it. After weeks of severe diaper rash and the resulting frustration of the parents, a pedestrian recommended using it as an ointment instead. The results were amazing, as the infant could tolerate the cream and the diaper rash disappeared. This is a perfect example of why the use of compounding pharmacies is a growing trend.

One of the greatest needs for compounding pharmacies relates to the practice of hormone replacement therapy. Many women across the country find relief from menopausal symptoms with the use of bio-identical hormones. Since every woman is unique, the doctor and pharmacist can create a personalized mixture of the hormones that she may be lacking. This usually entails a combination of estrogen and progesterone. Without these pharmacies, many women would have to endure unnecessary suffering.

PharmiCare, a compounding pharmacy in Fort Myers, has found that many of its patients have benefited greatly from the use of Cholestyramine. It was first used to treat patients with chronic bile acid diarrhea that resulted from Crohn’s disease. It has since been used to treat pruritus, or itching that forms during liver failure, and even persistent diaper rash in infants.

PharmiCare is located at 6631 Orion Drive, Suite 112 in Fort Myers. If you have any questions regarding compounding, you may contact Dr. John Dobbs at 239-690-7700 or go to

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